Safety FAQs

Safety FAQs

  1. Are there any emissions from a bioethanol fire?

    There is a very small amount of carbon dioxide emitted when burning any biofuel. However this is well within permitted limits and is as low as using a few household candles or tea lights. It is still always advisable to have some ventilation in the room that you are using the Bioethanol fire to ensure that there is sufficient oxygen in the room, particularly if you are planning to use the Biofire in a very small room. Ventilation could be a small window slightly open, or from time to time letting fresh air inside the room. 

  2. Can I pour bioethanol fuel on top of existing fuel?

    NEVER !! This is extremely dangerous, so never pour any fuel on top of a flame/ existing fire. Always allow the existing flame to be extinguished fully and the burner box cooled before adding any more bio fuel.

  3. How should I store the bioethanol fuel?

    As the biofuel is very flammable, always keep it away from any fire source, and always out of reach of children, pets or animals. Never dispose of bioethanol in your household drains. Please dispose of according to the local council guidelines. Note that any unused fuel left in the fuel box will evaporate over time as it is an alcohol based product.

  4. Can I add an accelerant to the bioethanol fire?

    NO NEVER !! It is extremely dangerous to use any accelerants on your fire. You should only ever use bioethanol fuel inside the fireplace. 

  5. How do I extinguish the flame on my biofire?

    The stainless steel fuel box has a shutter that can be closed to shut off the flame. Always use the supplied tools to do this. Never use your hands or any part of your body to do this as the fuel box will be very hot. Do not move the bio fire until the stainless steel fuel box has cooled.

  6. Is the flame on a bioethanol fireplace real?

    Yes, absolutely. Its a real flame, so you need to exercise common sense. You need to treat them with the same level of care as any open fire source. We strongly advise that you read the manual supplied with your bioethanol fireplace. Please contact us if you need another copy and we would be more than happy to supply one. If you want further advice on remaining safe around a Biofire, you can read our more detailed article : 

  7. What fire extinguisher should be used in any emergency?

    Bioethanol fireplaces give off real heat from real flames.  Although it is of course extremely unlikely, should an emergency situation arise, such as the flame cannot be extinguished by normal methods (closing the fuel box using the closing tool supplied), or the biofire is knocked over, please use a foam type fire extinguisher to extinguish the flames.    

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