Can you put a TV above a bioethanol fireplace?

Yes. Bioethanol fireplaces produce no smoke, soot, or mess — so there’s no danger of smoke damage to your TV.  You’ll see that many of our biofire customers have made a lovely feature of their biofire and TV together.  

Some simple tips on positioning a TV above a Biofire: 

We recommend leaving at least 45cm between the top of your biofire and your wall-mounted TV. Biofires don’t get as hot as wood- or coal-burning stoves, but installing your TV too close to the heat could damage your television. 

Use one of the closed top biofires, such as all of those in our woodburner style range (link). 

Dont put any TV leads or cables behind the biofire. They could heat up and get damaged. If you absolutely need to put cables behind a biofire…make sure they are covered in a heatproof cable guards/conduits. 

Can I use a stovetop fan to distribute the heat from my biofire?

Stovetop fans are inexpensive and powered by thermoelectric energy (the heat of the fire converted into electricity), your stovetop fan has neither cables nor batteries.

The fan sits on top of your bioethanol fireplace and distributes the heat into the room (rather than permitting it to rise directly to the ceiling).  

Stovetop fans are almost silent, and the blades start spinning when the fireplace heats up. 

However, we get very mixed reviews on how good a job these stovetop fans do in distributing heat around the room. It depends on the fan itself, the size of room, the levels of ventilation etc.  We dont have especially high expectations for these fans to significantly improve heat distribution, but they do have their ‘fans’ (sorry!)

Will smoke from my bioethanol fireplace damage my TV?

Bioethanol should never produce any smoke — it’s a clean-burning fuel that produces carbon dioxide and a trace of water vapour — never any smoke. 

If your bioethanol fireplace is smoking, close the slider and extinguish the flames immediately. Open your windows to ventilate the space. 

Check that nothing has fallen into the fuel box that could be causing the flames to smoke. Small pieces of paper, hair, or debris could cause smoke. 

Always make sure the burning aperture is clear of any obstructions. 

What type of bioethanol fireplace is best with a wall-mounted TV?

All of our beautiful fireplaces can be installed underneath a TV. Just ensure you leave at least 45cm between the top of the fire and the TV set. 

However, we recommend — for extra safety — installing a closed-top biofire underneath your TV sets, such as our wall-mounted Marlow or our stunning woodburner-style biofires.

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