Are Bioethanol Fires Expensive to Run?

First, it's important to remember that biofires are never intended to be used as the main source of heating in any home. They are for use as a secondary device only and as a pleasant decorative feature, which most customers use on an occasional basis to add ambiance and a great degree of cosiness to the home. 

However, the cost of running your bioethanol fire depends on three factors including the size of your flame, the level of natural or other ventilation in your home and the quality of the fuel you use. Indeed, bioethanol fires can be adjusted using a special slider gauge that changes the intensity of the flame. 

Instead of merely using straight price per litre or kilowatt hour etc, to get a more accurate picture of the running costs, you also need to consider maintenance, installation and various other costs of all other options. Bioethanol fires require no chimney, no installation costs, no extra gas or electricity expenses, and they are usually far more aesthetically pleasing. Bioethanol fires are simply easier to install and use. 

So what is the running cost of a bioethanol fire in real terms? Well, that really depends on the type of fuel you use. Low-quality fuel tends to burn faster and can end up costing you more in the long term. That is why we recommend rolling with Imaginfires’ own brand biofuel. We’ve put together a table of the average cost of running an ethanol fireplace based on the RRP of our 12-pack fuel bottles. Remember, however, that we often advertise special offers that could save you lots of money!

Fully open:

Volume: 1 litre

Duration: 3.5 hours

Cost per litre: £4.58

Cost per hour: £1.31


Volume: 1 litre

Duration: 4.5 hours

Cost per litre: £4.58

Cost per hour: £1.02


Volume: 1 litre

Duration: 5 hours

Cost per litre: £4.58

Cost per hour: £0.91

Although the cost of running a biofire is lower than many assume, it should be remembered that biofires are not intended to replace your main heating source, e.g. central heating.  They are instead for occasional use to create a lovely atmosphere in your home, with real heat from a real warming flame. Head over to the Imaginfires homepage for details or visit our FAQs page if you have further questions.