Are Bioethanol Fires Expensive to Run?

"Are bioethanol fires expensive to run?" is not a question that can be addressed by a "yes" or "no". There are a lot of factors affecting the cost of bioethanol fires that could influence the answer. But if we take a comparative approach, it would be safe to say bioethanol fires are not expensive to run compared to traditional fireplace options.

Instead of merely using straight price per litre or kilowatt hour etc, to get a more accurate picture of the running costs, you also need to consider maintenance, installation and various other costs of all other options. Bioethanol fires require no chimney, no installation costs, no extra gas or electricity expenses, and they are usually far more aesthetically pleasing, and of course more environmentally friendly and cleaner burning. Bioethanol fires are simply easier to use and a more sensible environmental decision.

So, what is the cost of running a bioethanol fireplace?

Once the biofire itself has been purchased, you only need bioethanol fuel to keep your bioethanol fireplace running, which is also available through Imaginfires.

  • Cost of bioethanol fuel per litre: £2 to £5
  • One litre of bioethanol fuel lasts for: 3.5 to 4 hours
  • Hourly cost of running a bio ethanol fireplace: £0.50 to £1.25

These amounts assume that the fuel box slider is fully open, which is of course the most expensive option. Your bioethanol fuel will last even longer and your heating solution will be even cheaper if it's any less than fully open. The infographic below demonstrates different types of usage.

Although the cost of running a biofire is lower than many assume, it should be remembered that biofires are not intended to replace your main heating source, e.g. central heating.  They are instead for occasional use to create a lovely atmosphere in your home, with real heat from a real warming flame. Head over to Imaginfires homepage for details or visit our FAQs page if you have further questions.




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