Can I put a shelf above the fireplace?

Bioethanol fuel burns completely cleanly, leaving no soot, ash, or smoke. So, there’s no chance of smoke damage to a shelf above a fireplace.

It’s safe to install a shelf above a closed-topped bioethanol fire, such as our wood burner-style biofires or our popular wall-mounted Marlow range. To prevent overheating, you should leave a minimum of 50cm between the top of the fire and the underside of the shelf. 

Can I put a shelf above an open biofire?

While we don’t recommend installing a shelf above an open biofireplace insert, you should leave at least 1m between the flame and the shelf if you do install one. Ensure that all flammable materials, such as curtains, are kept at least 1m from the flame. 

Remember, curtains in front of an open window can flap in the breeze - ensure there's no way the curtains can reach the open flame.

We suggest practising the same caution as you would with any domestic open flame.

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