Can I put any cables or leads behind my biofire?

The body of your biofire gets very hot, so we strongly advise you against putting leads or cables behind or underneath your bioethanol fireplace. Heat from the fire can lead to malfunction or even pose a fire risk, especially from power leads. If you absolutely cant avoid putting cables behind a biofire for any reason, we suggest housing them in a fireproof conduit/cable protector.  

Can I hang a TV over my bioethanol fireplace?

We recommend leaving at least 45cm between the top of your biofire and a wall-mounted TV — this ensures that your TV set doesn’t overheat. 

We recommended placing biofires with a closed top beneath the TV. There are many examples of these in our range.  

How much space do I need around my biofire?

Unlike traditional fireplaces, there aren’t currently any regulations dictating the clearance distance between a biofire and the wall or other items. 

Nonetheless, we advise practising caution around fire, especially if your biofire is “open”, such as our fire baskets, some of our freestanding models, and our bioethanol fireplace suites

We recommend leaving at least 60cm above and (if possible) around the sides and front of your biofire.

Never place your bioethanol fire close to combustible materials such as soft furnishing and curtains. Remember that curtains can flap in the breeze from an open window, so make sure there’s at least 1m clearance between your fireplace and the furthest reach of your curtains. 

How far from the wall should my biofire be?

If your biofire is portable, it’s OK to store it directly against the wall — however, make sure it has cooled down after use first. 

Always leave at least 10cm between the back of the fireplace and your wall — this ensures good air circulation around the fire, assisting it in warming your living space. 

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