Using your Biofire

Using your Biofire

  1. Can I move my bioethanol fireplace?

    Since many of our bioethanol fireplaces require absolutely no installation, these can easily move to different rooms or different locations. You can experiment as many times as you like. They are not fixed to one location!. Whichever room you decide to locate the bioethanol fire, please ensure that the room is well ventilated. This means not putting the biofire in an air sealed room, but in rooms that have some natural circulation. Never move the biofuel fireplace whilst lit or with any biofuel inside the burner box. Always ensure that the unit has cooled completely before moving it. Allow at least 30 minutes for the stainless steel fuel box to cool.

  2. How should I clean my imagin bioethanol fireplace?

    We suggest that you test any cleaning liquids on a part of the fire that is least visible. However, just some ordinary hot water and washing up liquid with a non-scratch scourer will suffice for the majority of cleaning needs. For the stainless steel fuel box, you can also use most stainless steel cleaners. It takes just a few minutes to get the fuelbox looking almost as bright as the day you 1st bought it. Make sure the cleaned fuel box is completely dry before use.

  3. How often should i check the steel burner box?

    Since the fuel is housed in the stainless steel burner box of the bioethanol fire, its very important that there are no cracks or leaks in this component.  Although most of our burner boxes are double lined for additional safety, we still recommend that from time to time you give a quick visual check to see if any cracks have appeared in any part of the burner box, especially if you have dropped or knocked it.  If you do notice any gaps or fractures, please contact us to arrange for a replacement at [email protected] , stating your order number and approximate date of purchase.  

  4. How do I light my bioethanol fireplace?

    Never use any matches, use a firelighter. If you have bought our Bio fuel, then it comes in a handy squeezy bottle, so there is no need to decant it first....just gently squeeze direct into the stainless steel fuel box within the bioethanol fireplace. Always clear up any spilled biofuel on any part of the bioethaol fireplace or surrounding area before you light it.

  5. How do I fix a bioethanol fireplace to a wall?

    You'll be pleased to know that its really very simple! Instructions and fittings will be supplied with your fireplace, The exact process depends on what type of wall you want to fit the bioethanol fire to. However for most brick and plaster walls, you will just need to drill the wall and insert the supplied rawl plugs, and then screw in the brackets supplied. For other wall types seek advice for fixings from your local DIY store or reputable builder. The walls on which the Bioethanol fire is attached can also become very warm, so young children should not be allowed to touch the walls around this area.  Please also ensure there are no cables or leads behind your biofire, as these could overheat. This risks damaging any electrical equipment connected to them, and is a serious fire hazard.  

    If your wall mounted Bioethanol Fireplace does not have a top section or "roof" over the fire (e.g the Alden Bio Fire), then we suggest you leave an additional gap of at least 60cm gap around the sides of the Biofire. This area can be reduced to around 30cm for biofires with a "roof" over the fire, e.g the Fuego models.

  6. Before you use the Biofire for first time!

    Before using your imagin bioethanol fireplace for the first time, we suggest you do the following quick checks:

    1. Check the steel fuel box for any small remnants of packaging that may have fallen inside the fuel box or the fireplace. These can cause some small amount of smoke if not removed.  If you have a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle, we suggest you use this.  
    2. Fill only to the 'Max' mark inside the fuel box.  Using less than 1 litre of fuel on first use may not allow the liquid to ignite properly.  NEVER FILL PAST THE 'MAX' MARK
    3. During the filling of the fuel box, some biofuel may have unknowingly splashed or sprayed outside of the fuel box and onto the fireplace or accessories (logs, pebbles). Please clean away any spilled fuel before lighting.
  7. How hot is an ethanol fireplace?

    We are always told by our customers (see our Trustpilot and on-site reviews) how surprised they are with the level of heat these biofires provide. Remember that these fires are never intended to be used as a replacement for your main heating source, but instead as a delightful additional heat source with a real warming flame. As a guide, you can assume the typical biofire will emit approximately 3kwh of heat, which is roughly equivalent to an electrical heater on a medium setting.

    One of the ways we prefer to explain the amount of heat our bioethanol fires give off is simply...

    "In a standard size room, an average sized bioethanol fireplace will give off as much heat as an electric heater on a medium to high setting."
    That's it! Easy. Of course, if you have one of our larger bioethanol fireplaces such as the new Marlow or the Globus, then there will be more heat given off. Whichever bioethanol fireplace you choose, you can be sure that you will always get a real natural warming flame, and that it will bring a wonderful toasty warm atmosphere to your room.
  8. What is the discolouration on the underside of the roof of my fire and how can i get rid of it ?

    From time to time there may be some temporary discolouration on the paintwork of your Bioethanol fireplace. This is usually simply harmless residue from the burning of the bioethanol fuel and can be removed by using a non-scratch scouring type sponge with washing-up liquid. Alternatively, it could also be caused by the use of cleaning products you may have used and that leave some residue when heated. Please avoid using any cleaning products on the fieplace other than a clean dry duster. 

  9. Can I adjust the flame size of my biofire?

    It’s super simple to adjust your ethanol flame size. In fact, this is one of the major advantages of bioethanol fireplaces over traditional wood burners - it’s possible to instantly control the size of your bioethanol flame.

    How to adjust a fireplace flame

    Simply slide the cover (using the tool provided, see below) of the stainless steel fuel box to limit the size of the aperture, opening or closing it as much as you require.

    Leaving the fuel box completely open provides the largest, most dramatic bioethanol flames and the most significant heat output (around 3kWh - roughly the same as an electric fire on medium heat). 

    However, your bioethanol fuel lasts longer if you half-close the cover, smaller flame equals longer usage time.

    Ethanol flames - how they work

    Your bioethanol flame takes a few minutes to reach peak size and appearance. Once the burner has warmed up and the fireplace is burning fiercely, half closing the aperture reduces the flame size and the heat output.

    Slide the cover of your no-spill stainless steel fuel box for instant control over the flame size and fuel efficiency. 

    You can also instantly snuff out your ethanol flame at the end of the night rather than letting it burn out like a traditional wood burner.

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  10. How much space should I leave around a wall mounted Bioethanol Fireplace?

    If your wall mounted Bioethanol Fireplace does not have a top section / roof over the fire (e.g the Alden Bio Fire), then we suggest you leave an additional gap of at least 60cm gap around the sides of the Biofire. This area can be reduced to around 30 cm for biofires with a 'roof' over the fire, e.g the Marlow models. The walls on which the Bioethanol fire is attached can also become very warm, so young children should not be allowed to touch the walls around this area.

    Please also ensure that there are no leads or cables behind the wall mounted fireplace as these could also get very hot or melt and become a safety hazard.  

  11. How do you put out a bio ethanol fire?

    The stainless-steel fuel box has a shutter that can be closed to shut off the flame. Always use the supplied tools to do this. Never use your hands or any part of your body to do this as the fuel box will be very hot. Do not move the bio fire until the stainless-steel fuel box has cooled.

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