Will a bioethanol fireplace trigger my smoke alarm?

High-quality bioethanol fuel burns cleanly, meaning it doesn’t produce smoke, ash, soot, or any mess. So, as long as you use your bioethanol fireplace in line with our safety guidance, it won’t produce smoke and — therefore — won’t set off your smoke alarm. 

As long as you burn bioethanol approved for use in bioethanol fireplaces, it’s completely safe to burn in the home as a heat source. 

Will my bioethanol fireplace trigger my carbon monoxide alarm?

As long as you burn bioethanol approved for indoor use, such as ImagiFuel, you can be safe knowing that your fire won’t produce carbon monoxide. 

And while burning bioethanol fuel produces some carbon dioxide, it’s only the same amount as you’d create from burning two candles. You’ll find that your houseplants thrive because they absorb carbon dioxide from the air to help them photosynthesise.

Bioethanol uses oxygen in the air to complete combustion, so we recommend opening an internal door while burning to maximise oxygen flow. If the room feels stuffy, open a window for a couple of minutes to encourage airflow. 

However, some customers install carbon monoxide alarms in the same room as their biofire for peace of mind. 

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Some tips for safe bioethanol fuel use

Your bioethanol fireplace won’t produce smoke. 

So, if you do spot smoke coming from your fireplace, we recommend you check:

  • Nothing has fallen into the fuel box, such as paper or anything else flammable (apart from bioethanol fuel).
  • You’re using a high-grade bioethanol fuel specifically manufactured for bioethanol fireplaces. Never use gels, fragrance oils, or other non-approved fuels in your biofire. However, we supply scented bioethanol if you want a pleasant ambient aroma. 
  • Nothing is obstructing or restricting the burn area of your fuel box. Keep all accessories, such as ceramic logs and stones, away from the burning aperture — this could affect combustion quality. 
  • All accessories placed inside or on top of your biofire are designed for exposure to heat and flame. All ImaginFires accessories are suitable for use inside the burning chamber, but we are aware that other inferior products have triggered smoke alarms. Remove any non-approved accessory if your smoke alarm sounds. 
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