Are ethanol fireplaces dangerous?

All fireplaces are dangerous if used carelessly or without the appropriate precautions. And bioethanol fireplaces require precisely the same level of caution for use. But operated in accordance with safety guidelines, your bioethanol fireplace is perfectly safe to use in the home. 

Bioethanol fireplaces are extremely easy to use and operate without creating smoke, ash, soot, or any mess to clean up. 

We supply an easy-read instruction manual with all of our bioethanol fireplaces, which MUST be read  fully by anyone using the fireplace for the first time. 

What precautions should I take when using a bioethanol fireplace?

Our comprehensive manual includes everything you need to know to operate your bioethanol fireplace safely. The main points to follow are:

  • Always wait until the fuel box has cooled to room temperature before refilling
  • Never refill the fuel box if the flame is still burning
  • Don’t overfill the fuel box
  • Mop up any biofuel spillages before you light the flame
  • Install or place your bioethanol fireplace away from curtains and soft furnishings that could ignite

We’ve designed our fuel boxes with a patented non-spill feature, which helps minimise the possibility of spillage as you refill. It also keeps the fuel inside the fuel box if the fireplace is accidentally knocked or moved. 

Keep a carbon monoxide/dioxide detector in the room for additional peace of mind. Many of our customers have these detectors anyway, as they are handy for detecting other potential sources of pollutants commonly found in homes.

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