Bioethanol Suites

How do bioethanol fireplaces work ?
Top FAQ's for bioethanol fires!
A woodburner style biofire in action!
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Broadway Suite
RRP £869.99 Sale Price £699.99 Total Saving £170 (20%)
Holborn Suite
RRP £799.99 Sale Price £649.99 Total Saving £150 (19%)

What are bioethanol suites?

A bioethanol suite can be defined as a piece of delicate furniture that can be easily attached to any wall in a room to embellish the look while hosting an exquisite bio ethanol fireplace in its structure.

If you have an empty wall you would like to decorate with a contemporary styled bioethanol fireplace, complete with surround and mantel, but without any expensive installation costs and headaches, choose our biethanol suites!

What do you get with bioethanol suites?

Why should you get a bioethanol suite?

  • No chimney necessary
  • Safe and reliable
  • No smoke release
  • No installation required
  • Environmentally friendly and clean
  • No extra gas or electricity costs incurred
  • No artificial flame - 100% genuine fire
  • Easy to maintain with bioethanol fuel