How should I store the bioethanol fuel?

Bioethanol is highly flammable, and we recommend caution in using and storing your fuel. Most bioethanol is supplied in air-tight bottles — the bottle must be air-tight, as ethanol evaporates if left open to the air. 

Always store your bioethanol fuel away from potential fire sources and out of reach of children, pets, and animals. 

All bioethanol supplied in the UK has a denaturing agent added — this makes the liquid poisonous, so NEVER drink bioethanol fuel.  

Can I store bioethanol in the house?

You can store sealed bottles of bioethanol in the house, as long as it’s away from any potential source of fire and extreme heat. Keep it in a cool, dry cupboard. 

Never store bioethanol within 3m of your fireplace or any other heat/flame source. 

Many people store their bioethanol fuel in their garage or garden shed. If you’re keeping it outside, ensure it remains in the shade, away from direct sunlight.

Can I use cold bioethanol?

If you’ve stored your bioethanol outside, the liquid may become too cold to light successfully. Bring it to room temperature (below 15°C) before you light it — that way, it will ignite more quickly. 

The cheapest way to buy bioethanol fuel is in bulk — bringing the cost per litre down considerably. Many retailers sell individual 1-litre bottles for around £5-7. However, bought in bulk, you can bring the price of a litre of bioethanol fuel down to about £4. If you purchase 12 litres of our own-brand fuel, ImagiFuel, it costs just £3.75 per litre.

Some of our customers store the majority of their fuel in the garage. However, we suggest transferring a couple of bottles at a time into the house to ensure that your fuel is at room temperature before you light it. 

Biofuel temperature review

How do I dispose of bioethanol?

Never dispose of bioethanol in your household drains. Please refer to your local council’s guidelines on the disposal of flammable/poisonous liquids. 

Note that any unused fuel left in the fuel box will evaporate over time as it is an alcohol-based product.

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