How do I extinguish the flame on my biofire?

Controlling your bioethanol flame is simple because your ImaginFires fireplace comes installed with a specialist fuel box. 

The stainless steel fuel box has a shutter that you close to shut off the flame. This provides way more control over the heat output and fuel efficiency than a traditional wood-burning stove or open fire. 

You can actually switch your bioethanol fireplace OFF before you go to bed, saving money on wasted fuel.

Controlling your bioethanol flame

You’ll find that a litre of premium-quality bioethanol fuel will last for around 3.5-4 hours with the heat aperture fully open. Your biofire running at full flame produces around 3kWh of heat - roughly equivalent to an electric fire on medium. 

Of course, a thermostatically-controlled electric fire typically switches itself on and off to maintain your desired heat, so you may find that your biofire warms your room too much at full aperture. 

Running your bioethanol fireplace at half-flame

It’s possible to control your biofire by half-closing the shutter, which reduces the heat output and the size of the flame. 

However, we have found that the yellowness of the flame increases when you half-close the heating aperture, so you still get that beautiful cosy flame effect without too much heat. 

How to extinguish the flame on my biofire safely

When you purchase an ImaginFire bioethanol fireplace, you’ll receive accessories that help operate your fire safely, including a specially designed “hook” that you should use to close your fire’s shutter. This extinguishes the flame immediately, but you should leave it for a couple of minutes to cool down before refilling. 

Always use the supplied tool to extinguish the flame. Never use your hands or any body part to do this, as the fuel box will be very hot. 

And do not move the bio fire until the stainless steel fuel box has cooled.

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