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“Imaginfires creates units that produce real, warming flames without smoke or even the need for a chimney – perfect for homes in cities with smokeless zones, prohibiting the use of traditional wood-burning open fires.” -GQ Magazine
“As the winter nights draw in there is nothing nicer than cosying up by a fire with a good book, or perhaps settling into a new drama on the television.” – House and Garden Magazine
Customer Reviews
20/03/2018 Fantastic service! (by HHall)

Fantastic service! Ordered late Thursday and received today. I would have received it yesterday, but was out when courier tried to deliver. Love it! Thank you!

19/03/2018 Made our kitchen wonderfully warm and cosy! (by GM)

We have just received our stove and what a brilliant product. Not only does it look great it has made our kitchen wonderfully warm and cosy. The service we received from Mike and Imaginfires couldn’t of been better.

13/03/2018 No messing about! (by GillH)

Sitting in front of our new Stow heater loving the almost instant heat, no messing about with coal or wood. Good purchase, Thank you

13/03/2018 Exceptional customer service! (by MayR36)

Exceptional customer service! . . . well built solid fire. . . i added the logs to the bottom and it really dies look like a traditional wood burner fire.

09/03/2018 No fuss at all ! (by IeuanD)

Never heard of bioethanol fires before imaginfires were recommended to me . . . Mike soon filled me in on all things bioethanol and we quickly decided on the Arkle . . . put it into our fireplace straight out of the box and lit it . . . no fuss at all . . . Good heat from a traditional looking fire!

07/03/2018 Choosing imaginfires was a no brainer! (by SaY44)

Researched these fires extensively and so choosing imaginfires was a no brainer! Excellent "non pushy" support team who answered all my questions and helped me with my choice!

07/03/2018 Warms my room up very quickly! (by 18mf)

Warms my room up very quickly. Used it a lot over the cold spell and i have no hesitation in recommending it

ImaginFires is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 10 user reviews.
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Blogger Reviews
  • 10/02/2017

    “the Pembrey needs no installation at all, simply unbox, set up the fuel container and slide it into place. There’s not chimney lining involved and no special requirements.
    - Jen, Love Chic Living

  • 02/02/2017

    When it comes to setting up the fire and lighting it, it couldn’t be easier. There’s a fuel box inside the stove which you fill with the bioethanol fuel. Once the fuel is in, all you need to do is light it with a long taper. We’ve used ours several times and it’s always lit quickly and efficiently.
    - Freshdesignblog

  • 02/12/2016

    “The biofires give off real heat, no artificial flames, you can also adjust the flame size and heat output if your room gets too toasty. No gas or electricity sources needed either just the bioethanol fuel.
    - Ruby, Tea with Ruby

  • 29/11/2016

    “When we received the fireplace, it was extremely easy to setup. You just place the fireplace in your intended location and pour the fuel into the fuel box within the fireplace.
    - Doris, Doris Lee Blog

  • 02/05//2016

    “Imagin Fires offer a big variety of designs, from traditional to modern, but I opted for the Oblosk in white*(£299.00) as I found it very aesthetically pleasing and simply gorgeous. The shape is very sleek and the size is just perfect.
    - Sandra, The Black Pearl Blog

  • 13/03/2016

    “As it’s so cold throughout most of the year in the UK, this lovely fireplace offers me exactly that – a warm place to sit and relax with the people I love without worrying about things like soot, grit or smoke that a normal fire gives you”
    -Alina, Fairy Tale Pretty Picture

  • 28/01/2016

    “They are perfect if you have an empty hearth or an opening where a fire used to be – or if, like us, you don’t want the hassle of making a real fire in your fireplace, but still like to have the flickering, warming effect of a real flame.
    - Antonia, Tidy Away Today


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