Can a biofire be placed flat against a wall?

Can a freestanding bioethanol fireplace be placed flat against a wall?

You get lots of flexibility with our freestanding bioethanol fireplaces - all suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you choose a traditional log-burner-style fireplace, a funky bioethanol fireplace insert, or a sleek, modern signature piece, you’ll have plenty of flexibility regarding where you choose to use it. 

When you’re storing your fireplace, you can keep it flat against the wall to save space, but we suggest you move your fireplace off the wall when in use. 

Where do I place my freestanding bioethanol fireplace?

Move your fireplace a minimum of 100mm from the wall before you light it. Keep it away from the wall while it's in use. This ensures good air circulation around the fireplace.

Never move your bioethanol fireplace while it’s lit or still warm. It will be hot to the touch so you must wait until it has cooled.

Alternatively, you might opt for a wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace. These are fixed directly to the wall, meaning you don’t get the flexibility of a freestanding model, but you get a super-slick fireplace that will be the envy of your friends and family. Our wall-mounted fireplaces come with a wall mounting kit, which is simple to install safely without any specialist skills.

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