Why don't the flames go out when i close the shutter ?

The shutter on your ImaginFires fuel box should snuff out the flame of your bioethanol fireplace because it effectively cuts off the air supply to the flame. All flames need oxygen for combustion — a flame wouldn't burn, for example, in a vacuum. 

However, the slider may not instantly snuff out the flame because the seal between the shutter and the fuel box isn't airtight. 

The slider is purposely non-airtight to make closing the shutter easy — an airtight seal would create too much friction and melt when exposed to the flame.

So, how do I extinguish the flame of my biofire?

If the flames don't go out immediately, don't panic. Things aren't going wrong! :) If you leave the fuel box closed, the fire will go out. 

Leave the shutter closed for at least three minutes, and the flames will die and go out entirely. Avoid opening and shutting the slider — just draw it closed, and the fire will extinguish.

Biofuel flame review

How do I close the slider on my biofire?

Always use the closing tool supplied with your ImaginFires bioethanol fireplace. NEVER close the slider with your hand. 

Remember, both the fuel box and the body of your biofire remain too hot to touch for at least twenty minutes after extinguishing the flame. So, treat your biofire with the same respect you would for a traditional wood burner or open fire. 

Biofires don't get as hot as traditional wood-burning stoves, but they still get way too hot to touch. Always practice caution when using your bioethanol fireplace, and always wait for the fuel box to cool down completely before refilling with more bioethanol fuel

If the fuel box or shutter is damaged, DO NOT USE! Contact us for a replacement.

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