Are log burners dangerous?

Log burners carry considerably more health and safety risks than biofires, mainly because they are designed to emit a far higher amount of heat, and also they usually burn wood, which of course is a source of smoke and various particulate matter.  

They are far more difficult to install, and usually this should only be done by a recognised professional.  Nevertheless, if they are installed correctly, and maintained regularly, then they are built to provide a primary source of heat.  

Bioethanol fireplaces, on the other hand, are designed for use as a secondary heat source, and not intended for regular use. They are also not intended to perform in the same way as a woodburner.  There are of course still some important health and safety issues to be aware of even when using a biofire, but we feel the combination of common sense, and reading the safety manual, results in bio fires being an ideal, safer, secondary heat source. 

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