How to light a bioethanol fireplace!

Customers thinking about buying one of our bioethanol fireplaces often ask “How do I Light A Biethanol fireplace?” It’s such a common question as many customers cannot believe that using a Biofire is as straightforward as we say. This quick video will show you that it is indeed a very easy process.

All you need is a fire lighter and some bioethanol fuel. You simply squeeze the biofuel into the fuel box, and light at arms-length! That’s it! You should of course clear away any spilt fuel with a paper towel or cloth before lighting, and if you have any of our ceramic pebbles or logs then don’t positon them over the opening of the fuel box.

Once lit, you will get around 3.5 to 4 hours from 1 litre of fuel. If you need to close off the flame before all the biofuel has been used up, it’s just as easy. Simply use the supplied closing tool to pull the shutter on the fuel box over the flame. Should you need to refuel the fireplace, please allow at least 30 minutes or until the fuel box has returned to room temperature.