What is the running cost of a bio ethanol fireplace?

The cost of running your bioethanol fireplace depends entirely on the amount you use it and the size of the flame you demand for your burn. 

Unlike gas, there are no standing charges for bioethanol — you purchase your bioethanol fuel as and when you need it. And unlike coal and wood-burners, no additional supplies are required, such as kindling, firelighters, and chimney sweeps.

Biofire cost review

The cost of bioethanol fuel is more stable than gas, wood, and coal 

We’re living through particularly volatile times in terms of fuel prices, with gas and electricity skyrocketing, affecting the prices of almost every other commodity, including the cost of wood and coal. However, the price of bioethanol fuel has remained relatively stable, meaning that bioethanol is a very competitive option. 

How much does 1 litre of bioethanol fuel cost (and how long does it last)?

You can pay as much as £7 for a single litre of bioethanol fuel, which should last around 4 hours of burning on full. All of our bioethanol fireplaces have slider control, which reduces the size of the flame — in turn, reducing the heat output. So, if you reduce the output by 50%, your litre of fuel will last considerably longer. 

Buying bioethanol fuel in bulk reduces the costs considerably. For example, 12 bottles of ImagiFuel currently cost £44.99, which makes it £3.75 per litre. 

So, if your litre burns for 4 hours, it costs 94p an hour. 

For a direct comparison, check out our article comparing the cost of burning bioethanol fuel against wood and gas — you’ll find bioethanol very competitive.

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