Can I use a biofire outdoors?

Many of our customers do use their bioethanol fire outdoors, but please remember to position them well away from any flammable items, especially those models that have an open front . There may be an unexpected gust of wind that could cause a fire if the flame touches anything flammable!

Also whilst there is the same amount of heat generated when used outdoors as indoors, the space being heated is obviously much larger and therefore the heat level will feel less than when used indoors.  So if being considered for outdoor purposes, they should be mainly used to create a nice relaxing vibe to your outdoors space. 

Remember that another advantage of biofires is that since there is no smoke, and no chimney required, our freestanding range can be  easily moved between indoors and outdoors.  Also, at the end of a pleasant summer evening, there's none of the somewhat overwhelming strong smell of smoke on clothes that some other alternatives leave you with!

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