How much heat will my Imagin biofuel fireplace generate?

This really depends on few points.....The first one is the situation in which you are using the biofuel fireplace. For example, using a biofuel fireplace outside where there may be wind, will use the fuel more quickly than indoors where there is no wind. If using indoors, our fires will warm a room as a secondary heat source. This means, that whereas it wouldn't be sufficient in extremely cold winter temperatures, it would be very effective in most typical autumn and winter days. The way that our customers typically use the biofuel fireplaces varies a lot, but for example, everyone tells us how great they are on those days when you don't want to heat the whole house, for whatever reason, but just want a lovely real flame in a particular room (dinner party, friends gathering or other social occasion) for a few evenings a week. They are ideal for just "topping up" the heat in a particular room

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