How much heat will my Imaginfires biofuel fireplace generate?

Some people think that a bioethanol fireplace is purely decorative — this is not true. A bioethanol fireplace can warm your room to a comfortable, cosy temperature — offering controllable heat from a beautiful, real flame. However, buy a bioethanol fireplace suitable for your room’s size, and you’ll be very happy with your warm, cosy space.

How does Imaginfires bioethanol fireplace compare to other heaters?

In general, a bioethanol fireplace produces around 3kWh of heat. This is roughly equivalent to an electric radiator running at medium — perfect for taking the edge off the cold in the autumn and early winter. 

In deepest winter, you may need to run your central heating and your biofire — but running both will mean that you don’t need to push your gas boiler so hard, which will help reduce your gas bills. 

A bioethanol fireplace is perfect if you want to heat one room, not the whole house. 

We love heating the living room with bioethanol and leaving the heating off in the rest of the home. That way, you really notice the toastiness in the living room when you return from making a cup of tea in the kitchen. 

Biofire is an environmentally-friendly heating option

Bioethanol fuel provides a guilt-free flame — it’s carbon neutral and doesn’t pollute the air or damage the environment. 

And, of course, with the spiralling price of gas and electricity, bioethanol puts you in control of your heating bills. You can rest assured that you’re using a green energy source that doesn’t pollute or damage the environment. 

Many of our bioethanol fireplaces are portable, so you can use them outside. However, be aware that your bioethanol fuel is unlikely to last as long in windy conditions. 

Bioethanol fireplaces are perfect for conservatories because you don’t need a flue or chimney to run your fire safely. Just fill your fireplace with bioethanol, light the flame, and enjoy a toasty warmth without the hassle or mess of burning wood or coal.

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