What are the disadvantages of bioethanol?

As with any fuel, there are a few disadvantages of ethanol use that may be helpful to note. These include:

  • Efficiency: Biofuel fires tend not to get as hot as their wood-burning alternatives. They are, however, much more environmentally friendly and often much more attractive.
  • Cost: Biofuel is often a little more expensive than other fuels. However, its environmental and health credentials mean that many people are willing to pay a little extra. Remember to check our store regularly to see if we have any great offers on our bottles of bioethanol!

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What are the risks of using ethanol?

Our biofires are built with your safety in mind. All fireplaces come with an instruction manual which we strongly advise you to read before using your biofire. Here’s two of the most important points for safe use of a biofire.  

  • The main risk is trying to refuel your fuel box when it is already hot! To ensure that your fireplace remains safe at all times, you should only refuel your burner when it has returned to room temperature. (this can take up to 30 minutes depending on how long it has been used for, the specific model and other room conditions).
  • NEVER try to refuel a warm or hot fuel box with bioethanol.  

Also, be sure to clean up any spillages created from filling the fuel box before lighting.  As a colourless liquid, it can be difficult to see if you have spilled any fuel, something that could risk the ignition of an uncontrolled flame. Even though our biofuel bottles are specially designed to minimise spills, accidents do happen, so please check for spills before lighting.


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