Are bio ethanol fireplaces suitable for Timber frame houses?

Just like you’ll find roaring log fires in wood cabins in the mountains, bioethanol fireplaces are safe in timber-framed houses as long as you adhere to the appropriate safety measures. 

If you fit a wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace, such as our popular Henley Black, you'll need to ensure the wall can easily take the weight of the fireplace and that the correct screws and plugs for your particular construction are used. If in doubt seek help from your local diy store or reputable local builder.

Henley black fireplace

If you are looking for a freestanding woodburner style fireplace such as the Hampton Black then just place it 10cm off the wall to allow the air to circulate around the fireplace.

Hampton black fireplace

Are bioethanol fires safe?

Bioethanol fires are no different from wood or coal fires - you must practice caution when burning any fuel. Most people use a fireguard in front of a wood- or coal-burning fire to prevent hot embers from leaping out of the fire and onto your carpet but there are no embers with bioethanol fireplaces.

Does bioethanol burn cleanly?

There’s literally no chance of flying embers with bioethanol fires because the fuel is just a liquid and burns cleanly, leaving no soot, ash, or smoke. So, as long as you adhere to common-sense safety measures, a bioethanol fireplace is very safe. 

For most efficient burning and maximum safety, avoid placing your fireplace near draughts and away from curtains - the fireplace does get hot to the touch!

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