Does bio ethanol fuel produce smoke or soot ?

Bioethanol fuel burns with 98% efficiency, so when used correctly it is very clean burning and therefore does not produce any smoke, soot or nasty residues. 

So what does ethanol produce when burned? Nothing more than carbon dioxide and water. You should never observe any smoke or soot coming out of your bioethanol fireplace. 

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Potential Reasons Bioethanol Fireplace Sets Off Smoke Alarm

In the unlikely event that your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is triggered whilst using a biofire, please in the first instance always stop using the biofire and check the following:

  • That no stray household debris has accidentally fallen into the fuel box and is thus being burned and emitting smoke. Please wait for the biofire to return to room temperature before checking!
  • That you are using high grade bioethanol fuel specifically developed for bioethanol fireplaces.  Do not use any biofuel that does not clearly state it is formulated for use in bioethanol fireplaces. Also ensure it is at least 96% alcohol as this gives the cleanest and longest usage time.
  • That there are no restrictions to the ethanol fuel burning fully and cleanly. In particular, never cover the opening of the fuelbox with any accessories or other obstructions. This may change the quality of the combustion of the fuel.  
  • That any accessories used on or inside the bio fire have been designed specifically for use in biofires. Whilst we recommend you only use accessories available through our website, we are aware that other products are available and have caused the triggering of some smoke/fire alarms.
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