How quickly can I expect to be using a bio ethanol fireplace when it arrives?

Unlike traditional open fires and wood- or coal-burning stoves, there’s usually no installation required with a biofire burner!.

A typical fossil fuel burner creates lots of smoke, ash, and soot, so these fireplaces must be installed according to safety regulations before you light them. However, bioethanol fireplaces, like the gorgeous Hampton Grey, are designed for use straight out of the box (or with minimal installation).

So, in most cases, you’re ready to go in less than an hour. 

How do I install my biofire?

Installation is super-easy

Most of our biofires require no assembly; they come fully built and ready to go. Some items may require simple assembly, such as sliding a glass panel into a slot or putting the fuel box into its housing. 

Either way, these tasks are elementary and suitable for most people with no DIY skills. 

Simply remove the packaging, read the safety instructions, and decide where to place your biofire. Fill the fuel box with bioethanol fuel, and - hey presto - it’s ready to light and enjoy. 

That’s it. 

Oh, and you don’t need a chimney or flue. Bioethanol burns cleanly, so there’s no need for an external exhaust system. However, we sell dummy flues if you want to reinforce that traditional look.

Our biofires simply work straight out of the box (and bioethanol is much easier to light than wood or coal!)

Which biofires require installation?   

Most of our bioethanol fireplaces work straight out of the box. This includes our woodburner-style fireplaces, freestanding fires, and fire baskets. Of course, always read the safety instructions to minimise the fire risk. 

Always use high-quality bioethanol fuel in your biofire. Our premium quality low-odour bioethanol burns consistently, creating a comfortable, consistent heat with no bad smells. 

Our wall-mounted biofires and fireplace suites require hanging on the wall before use. All wall-mounted units come with easy-read hanging instructions and all the fittings. You’ll need a drill to make holes in the wall. 

Can I hang my wall-mounted biofire myself?

If you can hang a picture on the wall, you can mount your biofire. Very basic DIY skills are required, but we’ve designed our range of biofires with simplicity first. 

We consider mounting a biofire a two-person job for best results. If you doubt your DIY skills, ask a friend or family member.  

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