Are ethanol fireplaces any good?

Many people who invest in ethanol fireplaces find them to be excellent additions to their homes. Of course, different types of fireplaces suit different kinds of needs, so it is important to do your research before making any purchases. To help you decide whether an ethanol fireplace would work for you, we’ve put together some pros and cons:


  • You do not need a chimney. There’s no smoke from our biofires, so you don’t need to install a flue or chimney.  This not only makes the installation of a biofire super-quick, it also means you have a wider choice of where you can position them.  
  • Ethanol fires do not produce ash or soot.  This makes them easy and quick to maintain. It also means that any glass on our woodburner range of biofires stays clear, so you will always be able to see the flame.  
  • Ethanol fires are very easy to use. Floorstanding models can be up and running within a few minutes of receiving them, whilst even wall mounted bifores can be attached to your wall very easily (typically less than 1 hour). 
  • Although they are not intended for use as your sole heat source in your home, they will give you a very significant heat output.  This varies between biofire type and how they are used, and where they are located, but as a guide you can expect a heat output of around 3kwh, comparable to an electric heater on  medium setting. If you take a quick look through our Trustpilot reviews, you will see one of the most common customer comments is the surprise of the amount of heat they emit.  
  • Biofires are designed with style and sophistication in mind so they will look great in your home.  We put a lot of thought in to our range of biofires, and focus on developing only those designs that we would be delighted to have in our own homes.  


  • Ethanol fires are not designed to replace your main source of heating.  If you want a heat source for use all day, every day, then we would not suggest using a biofire.   Their primary purpose is for an occasional top-up heat source.  

  • They are not suitable for very small  air tight rooms. We don’t recommend them for use in bedrooms for example. Other types of fireplace may be better suited to this type of room.  

  • They require that the biofuel is topped up.  Although they are extremely easy to set up and use, the exact time needed to refill depends on many factors but you can comfortably assume you will need to do so every 3 to 4 hours. This is usually plenty of time for a pleasant cosy evening, but nevertheless on those days that you want to use them for longer, you will need to refill them (once the fuel box has returned to room temperature).

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