Why can't I see any fuel when I pour it into the fuel box?

We're very proud of ImaginFire's fuel box. We believe it's a beautiful piece of engineering, with several internal and external sheaths designed to make using and fueling your bioethanol fireplace as simple and safe as possible. 

Our "No Spill" fuel box conforms to European standards: BS EN 16647:2015, ensuring maximum safety and high manufacturing values. 

So, when you fill your fuel box with bioethanol fuel, it's quickly absorbed into the inner lining of the steel box, helping prevent spillage if the fireplace is accidentally knocked or moved.

How much fuel can I pour into the fuel box?

The fuel box is a sealed unit, so when you pour your bioethanol fuel into the burning aperture, it appears to disappear into the void. 

You should never see a fuel layer exceeding the MAX level indicator at the bottom of the burning aperture. 

Our fuel boxes are designed to contain up to 1 litre of fuel. Don't be tempted to add more! One litre of ImaginFires bioethanol should burn in your beautiful bioethanol fireplace for around 3.5 hours with the slider open fully, and up to 5 hours if the slider is partially closed. 

We sell scented bioethanol fuels as well as a standard low-odour fuel. Our scented fuels are available in Christmas, Vanilla, and Forest aromas

How is the fuel box constructed? 

The ImaginFires no-spill fuel box is made of several parts:

  • Outer stainless steel liner — houses the main fuel tank.
  • Stainless steel inner tank — accommodates up to 1L of fuel, made from high-grade stainless steel.
  • Fibrack burning slot — this is the burning aperture, lined with an absorbent material that soaks up the fuel and permits control over the flame and safety from spillages.
  • Lower fascia plate — hand-welded for maximum safety and protection.
  • "Sure Slide' closing plate — designed for optimal flame-size control and shutting off the flame after use.
  • Upper fascia plate — sealing everything together. 
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