How much fuel does a bioethanol fireplace need?

It depends on the size of your bioethanol fireplace, but our fireplaces provide a capacity of 1 litre of bioethanol fuel. This usually lasts for around 3-4 hours on full flame. 

Can I overfill my bioethanol fuel box to burn for longer?

Never overfill your bioethanol fuel box. This can cause leakage across the top of the fuel box, which could present a fire risk. 

Always ensure that the fuel box has cooled down before you add more bioethanol. Never add more fuel when the fuel box is actively burning or still warm — the fuel could ignite as you pour, which could be extremely dangerous. 

How long does a litre of bioethanol fuel last?

Generally speaking, 1 litre of bioethanol fuel will burn for around 3-4 hours — but it depends on the quality of the fuel. ImagiFuel is our own-brand bioethanol, offering a superior burn costing around £3.75 per litre if you buy in bulk. 

If you half-close the fuel box slider, the flames will be smaller, and the fuel will last longer. 

Of course, you can get cheaper fuel for your bioethanol fireplace, but you get what you pay for — you may get shorter burn times and an unpleasant odour from cheaper fuel, making it a false economy to buy cheaper.  

Our bioethanol burns cleanly with an extremely low odour. We also sell scented biofuel with delightful vanilla, forest, or Christmas fragrances. 

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