Can you use denatured alcohol in an ethanol fireplace?

Yes. Denatured alcohol is essentially alcohol that has been rendered undrinkable to obviously discourage recreational consumption.

It should never be drunk as it is poisonous.

Effectively, the alcohol you drink and the alcohol you burn in a bioethanol fireplace are essentially the same. However, burning-grade bioethanol has an additive (such as methyl alcohol) included at the manufacturing stage that gives an unpleasant taste and/or smell to discourage drinking. 

You'll find all ethanol and bioethanol sold for burning in the UK has been denatured which minimises the costs of manufacture because it doesn't need to be refined in the same way as consumption-grade alcohol.

Using denatured alcohol is perfectly acceptable for bioethanol fireplaces and recommended. 

Check the purity of your bioethanol fuel for a longer and cleaner burn.

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