Does bioethanol fuel have any odour?

Bioethanol fuel has a fairly neutral smell when lit — some people claim that there’s no smell at all, but you will notice a mild, but not unpleasant, odour when you first light your bioethanol fireplace. Some people describe the smell as mildly “coconutty”, while others compare the scent to a burning candle. 

Either way, you get used to the mild odour very quickly — literally going “nose-blind” to it after a short period. You don’t get any of the charred wood smell of an open fire — the odour is much less noticeable than a real fire. 

High-quality bioethanol for low odour

Of course, it depends on the quality of the fuel you choose to burn — if you buy cheap bioethanol, there may be a more noticeable smell. We recommend reading the reviews before purchasing any bioethanol fuel.

Our own-brand range, ImagiFuel, has a particularly low odour. We even sell scented biofuel with Vanilla, Forest, or Christmas aromas that pleasantly boost the cosiness of your room while you heat it. 

What’s that smell when I light my biofire?

The first time you light your brand new biofire, you may notice a mild chemical like scent — don’t panic, this is normal as your fuel box “beds in”. 

This smell is harmless and will disappear after you’ve lit your fire a couple of times. 

What’s that smell when my biofire goes out?

High-quality bioethanol fuel emits very little-to-no odour while it’s burning, but you may notice a slight chemical tang to the air when the flames go out. This is normal and nothing to worry about. You may detect the same smell when you close the fuel box slider to snuff out the flame. 

This smell will be noticeable when you first start using your bioethanol fireplace, but you get used to it after a couple of burns. You’ll hardly notice it after a while. If anything, it leaves a clean smell in the air, similar to when you have a new sofa delivered. 

Bioethanol fuel uses oxygen in the air to combust and emits a small amount of water vapour and a little carbon dioxide (about the same amount as burning two candles). There’s none of the charred, burning smell of open fires or wood burners. 

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