How much fuel should I put in the biofire?

Bioethanol fuel burns cleanly, producing a lovely warming flame that elevates the cosiness of your room. But a little forward planning will make your cosy night in more enjoyable. 

How much bioethanol fuel should I pour into my biofire?

When you order your bioethanol fireplace, you’ll see the fuel capacity in the product’s Specifications section. The majority of our biofires come with 1 Litre no-spill fuel boxes

One litre of bioethanol fuel lasts between three and a half to five hours, depending on the position of the fuel box slider, which can narrow the burning aperture for less intense heat. 

One litre of fuel will last around 3.5 hours if the burning aperture is fully open. One litre will last approximately 4-5 hours when you close the slider halfway. 

Can I fill my biofire while it’s lit?

Never fill or refill your biofire while it’s burning — this is very dangerous!

Always store your bioethanol fuel bottles away from the fire itself — keep them in a cool, dry place, away from heat.  

Always allow the biofire to cool down before you refill. 

Can I use half a bottle of bioethanol in my biofire?

Yes. There’s no need to fill your biofire with fuel to the maximum level each time. If you’re only going to be using your fire for an hour or so, half a bottle of bioethanol will suffice. 

Of course, one litre burns longer than half a litre. However, don’t be tempted to overfill your fuel box beyond it’s stated capacity. 

Never fill the fuel box beyond the MAXIMUM level. There should be no visible liquid — it gets stored in the fuel box and absorbed into the ceramic wool inside the burning aperture. 

Is there a minimum amount of bioethanol my biofire needs to light?

Yes. We don’t recommend using less than a quarter of a bottle of bioethanol fuel. 

Too little fuel might not light (or stay lit). 

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