Do bioethanol fireplaces smell?

It depends on the type of bioethanol fuel you choose. High-quality bioethanol doesn’t have a strong ethanol smell during combustion at all. 


However, some cheap products may emit a mild paint-like odour.

The vast majority of our customers are delighted with the aromas emitted from our biofires; especially when they use one of our very lightly fragranced fuels.

Can you make ethanol smell good?

You should never add any fragrance oils to your bioethanol fuel, as this can create unpleasant fumes that could affect your health. 

However, our range of lightly perfumed bioethanol fuels smell delightful without becoming overpowering.  

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So, what does a bio ethanol fireplace smell like when it burns?

Some biofuels give off a more pungent smell than others, so please check you are using a high-quality brand of biofuel from a recognised, trusted source. 

However, you may notice a mild chemical smell when your fuel box burns to empty. Most of our customers consider the burnout aroma well within acceptable levels, but you could simply open a window briefly to let the smell escape if you’re not keen.

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