Where can I buy bioethanol fuel?

Bioethanol fuel is widely available online and in some DIY stores, varying in price. Generally, we recommend buying your bioethanol in bulk - purchasing single-litre bottles is the most expensive way to stock up.

Our volatile energy market hasn’t impacted the price of bioethanol. So, buying in bulk gets you the best price for your heating and could save you money compared to gas or electricity.

Of course, the quality of bioethanol varies significantly, and poor-quality fuel offers shorter burn times and can give off an unpleasant odour.

Bioethanol fuel being lit

Our own-brand bioethanol fuel is called ImagiFuel, and we consider it the best you can get (at a very competitive price). You will receive 10% off the cost of any fuel and accessories when you purchase a fireplace at the same time via our website.

Does bioethanol fuel smell?

ImagiFuel bioethanol fuel burns cleanly, with a very low odour while burning. Sometimes, you'll notice a slight chemical smell when the flame goes out — this is typical of all bioethanol fuels. 

Good quality bioethanol gives off a minimal odour that most people don't notice after using their fireplace a couple of times. However, cheap fuels can produce some unpleasant smells. 

We also offer a range of scented fuels, with Vanilla, Forest, and Christmas fragrances — offering a delightful, cosy ambience while you heat your room.

Imaginfires biofuel bottles

Can I burn anything other than bioethanol in a bioethanol fireplace?

Please only use high-quality biofuels with at least 96.6% alcohol. 

Never use any other fuel types, such as wood, paper, or coal in your bioethanol fireplace. These emit smoke, soot, and ash, which require a flue or chimney. 

Bioethanol fireplaces don’t need an external flue or chimney. It’s entirely safe to burn ethanol indoors (as long as you ensure you stick to safety guidelines). However, you will need some ventilation to prevent stuffiness and let oxygen into the room while burning.

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