Before you use the Biofire for first time!

Before using your imagin bioethanol fireplace for the first time, we suggest you do the following quick checks:

  1. Check the steel fuel box for any small remnants of packaging that may have fallen inside the fuel box or the fireplace. These can cause some small amount of smoke if not removed.  If you have a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle, we suggest you use this.  
  2. Fill only to the 'Max' mark inside the fuel box.  Using less than 1 litre of fuel on first use may not allow the liquid to ignite properly.  NEVER FILL PAST THE 'MAX' MARK
  3. During the filling of the fuel box, some biofuel may have unknowingly splashed or sprayed outside of the fuel box and onto the fireplace or accessories (logs, pebbles). Please clean away any spilled fuel before lighting.

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