How do I fix a bioethanol fireplace to a wall?

You'll be pleased to know that its really very simple! Instructions and fittings will be supplied with your fireplace, The exact process depends on what type of wall you want to fit the bioethanol fire to. However for most brick and plaster walls, you will just need to drill the wall and insert the supplied rawl plugs, and then screw in the brackets supplied. For other wall types seek advice for fixings from your local DIY store or reputable builder. The walls on which the Bioethanol fire is attached can also become very warm, so young children should not be allowed to touch the walls around this area.  Please also ensure there are no cables or leads behind your biofire, as these could overheat. This risks damaging any electrical equipment connected to them, and is a serious fire hazard.  

If your wall mounted Bioethanol Fireplace does not have a top section or "roof" over the fire (e.g the Alden Bio Fire), then we suggest you leave an additional gap of at least 60cm gap around the sides of the Biofire. This area can be reduced to around 30cm for biofires with a "roof" over the fire, e.g the Fuego models.

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