How long does bioethanol fuel last?

Simply squeeze the fuel out of the bottle and into the fuel box. You can then sit back and enjoy the benefits of your bioethanol fireplace. But for how long exactly? 

So, how long does bio ethanol fuel burn in a biofire?

On average, a litre of our bioethanol fuel will last between three and a half to four hours, and sometimes longer. The exact time depends on a wide number of issues, including the amount of natural ventilation in the room, the type of biofuel being used, the prevailing room temperature and the extent to which you open the steel fuel box slider.  When the slider is opened fully, fuel will be used at a faster rate than when it is only opened halfway.

Type of fuel box

Burning time (per litre)

Half open

4 to 5 hours (sometimes more)

Fully open

Around 4 hours


How long does bioethanol fuel last comparatively in both large and small biofires?

All of our fireplaces have our patented 1 litre fuel boxes with an adjustable slider so you can choose to reduce the size of the hole the flame comes out of, which will in turn make the fuel last longer.

How can I find the cheapest bio fuel?

Biofuel is widely available to buy from various outlets. However, we strongly recommend purchasing your fuel from Imaginfires. We provide fuel at an affordable price that you can rest assured will burn at an excellent rate. 

Some of the cheapest brands out there often produce a strong unpleasant smell when burning, and often come in unwieldy containers prone to spillage.  We strongly recommend you only use biofuel that is specifically for bioethanol fireplaces and has at least 96% alcohol content. 

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