Are bioethanol fireplaces safe?

Created by Mark Anderson Sep 14, 2016 13:24:03 PM Published in 4 Most Common FAQs 753 Views.

Our bioethanol fireplaces give off real heat from real flames, so you have to treat them with the same level of common sense as you would any object with a real flame.  Imaginfires are constantly updating and improving our biofires to ensure they are safe as possible.  Our products have been tested by a world renowned testing laboratory to the new British & European safety standard BS EN 16647:2015, and this helps ensure we sell only products we would be delighted to have in our own homes.  Our freestanding, firebasket & woodburner style bioethanolfires now include the new, patented,  'No Spill' fuel box too, so the biofuel is quickly absorbed by a special internal absorbtion feature and reduces the risk of any biofuel spilling out of the fireplace when knocked.  


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