Are bioethanol fireplaces safe?

Bioethanol fireplaces produce real flames, so its important that they should be treated with the same level of caution and safety as any other object that produces flames. Having said this, bioethanol fireplace safety procedures are very easy to follow, meaning that they are suitable for use in most homes.  

To ensure that our customers stay as safe as possible, Imaginfires are constantly updating and improving our biofires. This means that our products have been tested by a world-renowned testing laboratory to ensure they meet the new British and European safety standard BS EN 16647:2015. Customers can rest assured that we only sell products that we would be delighted to install in our own homes.

Recent updates include the introduction of a new, patented, ‘no-spill’ fuel box into our freestanding, fire basket and woodburner biofires. This means that the biofuel is quickly absorbed by a special internal absorption feature, reducing the risk of any biofuel spilling out of the fireplace when knocked.

Of course, despite every effort being made to make biofires as safe as possible, there are a few basic safety measures biofire users should always follow. These are all listed in the supplied product manual, but include:

Taking care with biofuel

Biofuel is obviously a flammable substance, so it should be handled with care.  It is important never to pour biofuel onto a lit or warm fireplace.   Rather, users should only refuel the fireplace once it has been turned off and cooled down. Before refilling the steel fuel box with the bioethanol fuel, always ensure the fuel box has returned to room temperature (this takes approximately 30 minutes from extinguishing the fire). You should also clean up any biofuel spillages before lighting the fire.

Purchase high-quality fuel

To keep your running costs reasonable and to avoid any potential problems that low quality biofuel could cause, we recommned buying the fuel that is of a high quality and has a high % of quality ethanol.  We offer some of the best value biofuel in the market, and our fuel is developed and bottled specifically for imagin biofires.  You can read many great trustpilot reviews we have received from customers for our biofuel.   

Take care filling the fuel box

Make sure not to overfill the fuel box as this can cause the flame to become too large and unwieldy. It also makes spillages more likely. Although our ‘Non-spill fuel box’ reduces the chances of spills from  liquid inside the fuel box, there may still be spilt biofuel around the fuel box or fireplace in general. Always clear this away before lighting the biofuel.


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