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This is one of the most common questions we get asked but it's also the one that seems to confuse most people!  We tried many ways to answer this, using replies such as 'most of our biioethanol fires use approximately 2 to 3 kilowatt hours' and stating usage in terms of '2 to 3kWh', but frankly few people can really relate to these figures, and often it actually seems to cause more confusion.

Its the same problem when talking about gas or electric heaters. A lot of the terminology used to explain heat output seems to lack any real easy to understand explanation. Its as if we're all expected to be gas engineers or similar to be able to understand this.  

 On the internet there are of course plenty of articles that explain kWh or related terms for energy output, and some do so more successfully that others, but seriously, who really has time to study and understand a lot of that?

 So, one of the ways we prefer to explain the amount of heat our bioethanol fires give off is simply...

 "In a standard size room, an average sized bioethanol fireplace will give off as much heat as en electric heater on a medium to high setting."
Thats it! Easy. Of course, if you have one of our larger bioethanol fireplaces such as the new Marlow or the Globus, then there will be more heat given off. Whichever bioethanol fireplace you choose, you can be sure that you will always get a real natural warming flame, and that it will bring a wonderful toasty warm atmosphere to your room.

Watch Biofires Video



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