How should I use the pebbles or logs that are available to purchase?

We supply a range of beautiful accessories tested extensively for safety and practicality n our exclusive range of bioethanol fireplaces. We have selected our accessories to enhance your fireplace experience, offering a more traditional feel and additional cosiness.

However, our ceramic pebbles and logs are for decorative purposes only. Never add real logs or stones to your bioethanol fireplace’s burning chamber. Bioethanol burns cleanly, without fumes, soot, or mess — if you add combustible items, you risk polluting the air. 

Can I use any ceramic pebbles and logs in my biofire?

We recommend using our own-brand ceramic pebbles and logs only. This is because we have tested them for safety — we can’t verify the suitability or performance of any other products, which may impact combustion quality and cause potential harm. 

Need help choosing your pebble or log set? Check out our FAQ page to help you decide. 

Where do I place my ceramic pebbles and logs inside my biofire?

Never cover the burning aperture of your bioethanol fuel box with accessories. Place all accessories around the edges of the fuel box, keeping the burning opening clear. 

Spilt bioethanol is flammable - we recommend removing all accessories from your fireplace before refilling your fuel box. 

Wipe up any spillages before you light your fire - this will help contain the flame within the fuel box. 

Can my ceramic accessories touch the glass of my bioethanol fireplace?

Never allow your ceramic accessories to touch the glass of your fireplace — the glass could crack after prolonged exposure. 

Of course, all glass used in your ImaginFires bioethanol fireplace is heat-proof and designed to withstand temperatures well beyond the heat output of your fire. However, contact with ceramic accessories could compromise the glass’s heat resistance. 

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