Can i add scent or fragrance oils to the fireplace?

Fragrance oil for bioethanol fires

We only recommend using bioethanol fuel with an alcohol content of at least 96%, with no additives. Adding fragrance oil to your bioethanol fire could lead to unclean combustion, causing smoke or odours that could be harmful to inhale.

Our high-quality bioethanol fuel is clean-burning, providing the warmth and cosiness of a real flame without any of the mess associated with traditional wood burners.

However, if you want a fireplace fragrance oil for your bioethanol fire, try our specially formulated bioethanol fragrance oils in calming Vanilla or enchanting Deep Forest

Fireplace perfume

If you’re looking to enhance the cosiness of your home during the Christmas period, try our spicy Christmas scented fireplace perfume. Fill your room with the festive smells of cinnamon and spice. 

Our specially manufactured fireplace scents fill your room with a gentle aroma that adds to the real flame experience, with none of the acrid fumes that low-quality oils can cause when added to bioethanol fuels.  

Why not try our new scented fuel options: Vanilla or Deep Forest.

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