Do you have showrooms?

We currently trade exclusively through our online shop — we don't have a physical showroom at this time. This helps us maintain competitive prices, allowing us to focus on delivering exceptional, affordable products for most budgets, from as low as £179.99.

However, we do supply a number of retailers and distributors. 

How can I see a biofire in action?

We might not have a showroom, but we have a range of instructional videos demonstrating how to use a bioethanol fireplace and what a biofire looks like in action

The flames are initially small with a blue tinge. However, they grow larger and more yellow after the fire has warmed up (around twenty minutes). 

What's the difference between a biofire and a wood-burning flame?

There's a lot of confusion about the effectiveness of bioethanol fireplaces. However, you'll find that your biofire heats your room to a comfortable, cosy temperature.  

The differences between a biofire and a wood-burning fire are many.  Traditional woodburners tend to involve significant investment to both purchase the wodburner, install it and then maintain it. You’ll find many examples on the internet of this adding to £1500 or more. 

Bifoires just require the biofire itself and the biofuel.  Many biofires are less than £500 and need no installation and certainly no on-going maintenance costs.  Woodburners emit a very nice and very intense heat and are often intended to replace an existing boiler or other heating source. 

Biofires are NOT intended to replace your current system. They are simply to add to your existing heating system. Typically, customers enjoy the simplicity of using a biofire to get a real natural flame that is for occasional enjoyment.  You’ll probably find you can turn your central heating down, but you’ll still want to keep it! 

Can I trust ImaginFires without seeing the fireplace in action first?

We understand that many people are cautious about buying products from online retailers. And we think you're right to be careful.

However, we're very proud of our Trustpilot rating, where our valued customers have shared their customer experiences. We're currently rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot and work very hard to maintain our excellent customer relationships. 

Does ImaginFires offer a money-back guarantee?

We're so confident you'll love your ImaginFires product that we'll happily refund you if you're not entirely satisfied. 

Just let us know within ten days of delivery if you want to return your fire. We'll arrange for a courier to come and pick it up. We may include a small charge to cover the cost of returning your biofire — typically around £15. 

Please note that we offer free weekday delivery for all of our freestanding and wall-mounted bioethanol fireplaces, fire baskets, inserts, and suites

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