How will I be notified of my delivery?

Created by Mark Anderson Dec 15, 2017 18:09:00 PM Published in Delivery FAQs 292 Views.

The vast majority of our orders are delivered within 4 days.  At busier times such as Christmas and Black Friday this may be extended to within 7 days.  Once your order ships, you will receive a text or email message from our courier, UK Mail/DHL, notifying you of the intended day of delivery, and an opportuntiy to click on the text or email message and change to a more convenient day/time.  Then, on the day of delivery, you will receive a further email/text message for the planned 1 hour delivery slot, In the unfortunate event that you are then not available during this delivery slot,  UK Mail will leave a contact card for you to re-arrange an alternative time. 

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