7 Unique Ways to Remodel & Decorate Your Unused Fireplace
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7 Unique Ways to Remodel & Decorate Your Unused Fireplace

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An unused fireplace is a wasted opportunity and with a little imagination, can become an attractive (and sellable) home feature.

Many of us just set up a collection of candles and make do!

But candles?

That’s so 90s. Check out our stylish ideas to help you decorate and remodel your unused fireplace.

And whether you decide to relight your fire or re-function it, we have ideas to help you beautify your living space that suits every budget.

From real eco-friendly flames to cosy dog beds, your unused fireplace could become a genuine talking point

This article shares 7 unique ways to decorate or remodel your unused fireplace. And what’s even better: it needn’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

1. Design your own fire cover

You might not be ready for a large-scale remodelling project - and there's nothing wrong with that.

But you could cover that ugly electric fire and transform your living room with this stylish fire-cover idea. You can find old shop front signage in antique stores, but it’s easy enough to make one yourself from a painted pallet and some simple stencilling.

fire cover in unused fireplace

This brick fireplace is a serious step back in time. And while the 80s produced some of the most memorable pop of the postwar era, some of the decade’s distinctive style ideas are better left to nostalgia.

This imposing brick fireplace looks boring and ugly in plain brick, but matte black paint transforms it into a super-stylish central feature.

A quick paint job gets rid of that awful interior brick. And the lovely fire cover hides a hideous 80s electric fire.

This fire cover idea is an inexpensive way to turn ghastly into glamorous with very little effort.

2. Paint your fireplace!

Like so many homes, this living space is a wash of neutral paint on the surrounding walls. And while the gorgeous shade of pewter adds a warm grandeur, this room could easily look a little bland and featureless without the fabulous pop of teal around the fireplace.

painted unused fireplace

Image courtesy of CandiceOlsen.com

The teal not only injects a warming contrast to the pewter grey but also disguises the somewhat dated brick fireplace. This helps bring the general look up to date.

The striking teal echoes into the stylish leather armchair and the vases around the framing bookshelves. The woven wool rug adds additional softness, while the logs tessellated into the nook add a nod to the fireplace's original purpose.

The mirrored coffee table and golden wheatsheaf mirror bring the water and metal elements into this beautifully balanced living space.

3. Fill your unused fireplace with healthy plants

One of the most straightforward decor ideas for an unused fireplace is to use the nook to accommodate a large, bushy, healthy plant.

green plant in unused fireplace

Image courtesy of PureWow.com

This stunning fern will continue to grow into the fireplace, bulging out into the room. Its pointed leaves are redolent of flames bursting from the pot, spilling out into the living space.

Ferns are perfect for shady corners in the home because they naturally favour forest floors where they're sheltered from the sun's rays. This is a Boston fern which will happily grow indoors as long as it’s given a regular feed.

Other varieties to consider are lace ferns (aka asparagus setaceus), blue star ferns, and sansevieria laurentii (sometimes unkindly referred to as Mother-in-Law's Tongues!)

4. Refashion your unused fireplace (into a used fireplace)

Most of us are making considerable efforts to live greener lives, so it might seem a little counterintuitive to consider remodelling your old unused fireplace into - well, a working fireplace.

Don't panic; this is a super-green idea.

As we learn more and more about the damage our urban and suburban fireplaces are doing to our air quality, you might have thought that it’s time to entirely sacrifice the cosiness of a real flame for the sake of the planet.

Well that’s not correct!

Bioethanol fireplaces offer a genuine warming flame without the environmental impact.

bioethanol fire in unused fireplace

Bioethanol fireplaces provide a real flame without creating the mess or emissions of a traditional wood or coal burner. They are available in a range of superb designs, from the wood burner style unit that adds classic charm to any room to space-age wall-mounted bioethanol fireplaces.

Or you could add a bioethanol insert into a traditional inglenook for a safe, emission-free way to reintroduce an open flame into your unused fireplace.

Even better, bioethanol fuel burns cleanly, so you don't need a working chimney or flue. It emits a little carbon dioxide (around the same as two candles!), water vapour, and heat.

log burner review

5. Turn your unused fireplace into your pet’s very own corner

Dogs and cats love nothing more than a little corner offering snugness, warmth, and protection. So, one of our favourite ideas is turning your unused fireplace into a cosy pet bed.

empty fireplace as a pet house

Image courtesy of TheWonderForest.com

This idea is an excellent way of keeping your dog off the sofa. Instead, give them their very own space that still makes them feel included in the living room.

Here, the owner has created additional comfort for their four-legged friend with plush flurry bedding. But your fireplace will accommodate a range of official and unofficial dog- and cat beds.

Squeezing your pet’s favourite bed into your unused fireplace guarantees happiness all round for both dog and owner.

6. Use your unused fireplace as a wine cellar

Your unused fireplace makes the ideal spot for a sizeable wine rack for connoisseurs and plonk-lovers alike.

unused fireplace as a wine cellar

Image courtesy of Hosne el Bahr on Pinterest

This superb idea accommodates 36 of your favourite wine bottles, bringing new life to an unused fireplace.

And if you’re not keen on the traditional look, there's a wide range of wine rack styles available online and in furniture stores - from this classic box rack to stylish honeycomb racks made from wood or metal.

So, get searching for a wine rack that complements your space if you’re looking to decorate your unused fireplace. Incorporate your favourite hobby by finding a made-to-measure wine rack.

7. Create an educational space for your kids

Fireplaces tend to pose significant risks for young children. So, if your home is full of the patter of tiny feet, you might consider remodelling your fireplace as a safe, fun, educational resource.

empty fireplace as an educational corner for kids

Image courtesy of KerryLockwoodInDetail.co.uk

Cover your fireplace with a blackboard or a metallic sheet so your kids can let their creative side run riot. It's much better than the kids drawing on the walls, after all!

And when they’ve grown up a little, you could hang or perch a favourite picture in its place.

How will you decorate your unused fireplace?

We hope we’ve given you some classy ideas for decorating your unused fireplace, either for practicality or aesthetic appeal.

Your fireplace is a beautiful original feature that lends itself to creative ideas. And it’s possible to transform your home for very little money - you just need a spark of inspiration.

From fire covers to bioethanol fireplaces, with a little imagination, you too can transform your unused fireplace into a genuine centrepiece of your living space.