Latest Fireplace Technology Advancements & Trends
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Latest Fireplace Technology Advancements & Trends

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Humans have been using fireplaces to heat their homes for centuries. But we’ve gone well beyond burning wood or coal in basic fireplaces.

In fact, fireplaces are constantly developing, as are the types of fuel we use. From the most ancient wood-burning fireplaces to the very latest fireplaces complete with smart features, fireplace technology has developed considerably – and it’s not slowing down.

As a result, fireplaces are becoming more eco-friendly, more efficient and better at heating our homes.

But how exactly are modern fireplaces changing? What is the latest technology that’s improving them?

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the latest fireplace technology advancements and trends in modern fireplace technology that are helping to keep people cosy.

1. Smart Technology

Black smart home device next to a smartphone

One of the most notable fireplace trends of recent times has been the introduction of smart technology.

While many fireplaces still have traditional designs, smart features have been appearing more and more in recent years, and they have had a big impact on the industry.

Everything is going smart these days, from our TVs to our fridges – and fireplaces are not to be left out.

This means the latest designs – especially for electric fireplaces – have now started to incorporate a wide range of smart new features. Fireplaces now often come with remote controls, for example, that you can use to switch them on and off or control the temperature.

Other models go even further, incorporating smart features that allow you to control them remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

This opens up the possibility to turn your fireplace on or off when you are not even at home. For example, you might want to turn it on half an hour before returning from work to ensure a warm and cosy welcome, just like you could do with your central heating.

Some fireplaces may come with safety sensors built into them that monitor the room temperature, and they can shut off automatically when needed. Some even have voice-command features, making them easier to turn on and off without even having to use a remote.

All of these features are helping to make fireplaces fit in with the modern smart home and ensure greater convenience for homeowners.

2. Heating Efficiency

Smoke coming out of the chimney of a house with snowy roof

Heating efficiency is one of the most important advancements in fireplaces at the moment.

Fireplaces look beautiful, and many people enjoy the aesthetic appearance of a traditional or modern fireplace in their homes. But the fact is they are designed to provide a heat source, and when they fail to spread heat efficiently through the room and the rest of the house, fireplaces can be a cause of both frustration and inefficiency.

Many modern fireplaces are better at heat distribution than traditional wood fireplaces, helping to spread more heat into the rooms of the house without the need to burn more fuel.

This is partly due to the materials that are used to make the fireplaces, which have better insulation and improved heat retention so they maintain their warmth for longer. Venting systems are also used more to optimise the distribution of heat.

Many modern fires also simply have a better heat output that allows them to heat up a room faster.

3. Environmentally Friendly Fireplaces

White bioethanol fireplace mounted on the wall

One of the most important developments has been the introduction of eco-friendly fireplaces in recent years.

Coal and gas are fossil fuels, and burning them in the home can have an impact on your carbon footprint. In these times when it is becoming increasingly important to lead greener lifestyles, this becomes a problem.

Burning wood is one potential alternative because it is carbon neutral. However, wood has its own problems, one of which is that it creates air pollution, especially when burning wet wood, which is especially problematic in cities or built up areas.

This is where environmentally friendly fireplace technology can make a big difference by providing a more sustainable alternative.

One of the biggest developments has been the switch to more eco-friendly fuels like bioethanol fuel. This is produced from agricultural byproducts and is not only carbon neutral but also burns cleanly without producing ash or smoke.

Other advances include the shift toward fireplaces made from recycled materials to make them even more sustainable.

Traditional fireplaces look beautiful, and they are pleasant to have in the home. But they are not the most sustainable. These days, you can get a modern fireplace with a traditional appearance that is far more sustainable, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

This means that you can heat your rooms in your home using a stylish heater that creates real warmth without having to feel guilty about your carbon footprint.

4. Safety Enhancements

Safety helmets in various colours

Safety has always been an important issue for fireplaces. From traditional fireplaces that use fire guards to prevent children getting too close, to the more modern safety features.

Some modern fireplaces now come with shut-off systems that automatically turn the fire off based on the information gathered by sensors that measure heat and oxygen levels.

In addition, more fireplaces are now being made from heat-proof materials to reduce the risks posed by fires.

There are also air quality improvements that have been introduced with the switch to cleaner fuels. While burning wood can impact the air quality, cleaner fuels like bioethanol don’t have this problem, and this makes them safer to use indoors.

5. Ease of Installation and Use

Another big innovation has been how easy many modern fireplaces are to install. This has had a huge impact on where fireplaces can be positioned in the home.

In the past, you needed a chimney to ensure all the smoke produced from burning the wood or coal could exit the home. Even gas fireplaces need proper venting to ensure they can be used safely.

These days, however, many electric fireplaces feature plug-and-play designs. This means they can simply be positioned anywhere you want them to go as long as they can plug into a socket.

However, many people do not want to use electric fireplaces and would prefer a fireplace that creates a real flame instead of a fake one. This is another situation where bioethanol fireplaces provide an excellent solution.

When bioethanol burns, it does not produce smoke or ash, so there is no need for a chimney. And because it only emits carbon dioxide in small quantities – equal to burning a couple of candles – it does not require a flue.

This means these modern fireplaces can be wall-mounted in under an hour almost anywhere you want. They can even be freestanding models that you can move around as you please.

6. Design Improvements

Modern fireplace in a living room with white furniture

Perhaps the most notable improvement is in the design of modern fireplaces. While not specifically a technological advancement, technology has allowed fireplaces to be designed with more focus on aesthetics.

For example, where there is no need for a chimney or a flue, there is more freedom with the design of the fireplace.

As such, you now have a wide range of designs to choose from. Some are wall-mounted with a sleek modern appearance, while others may be available in a more traditional wood burner style.

A modern fireplace is rarely just about creating warmth. That may have been their primary purpose decades ago, but these days, most people use central heating but enjoy having a fireplace in certain rooms in the home.

They are a design statement, and the fact that they now come in almost any style – including contemporary, minimalist and vintage designs – means it is easier than ever to find a fireplace that matches the style of your home.

Some fireplaces even allow for different flame effects and colours. Some modern electric fireplaces have dozens of styles to choose from that you can change when you wish using a remote control. Some even come with the crackling sounds of burning wood for ambience.

Modern Fireplaces for Modern Homes

Fireplaces have changed considerably since they first began to appear in our homes. Many are the same traditional fireplaces of old, but you are no longer restricted to these.

Now, you can choose from a wider range of fuels, including eco-friendly fuels, as well as an enormous range of designs to suit almost any style, from traditional to contemporary.

With wall-mounted designs, smart features like remote controls, internet-connected fireplaces, and more, there is a lot to choose from.

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With all the fireplace technology advancements and trends in recent years, there’s never been a better time to get a fireplace for your home. Keep an eye out for more advances as fireplace technology continues to improve over the coming years, and find the perfect fireplace for your home today.