10 Creative Ideas to Cover Your Fireplace Opening
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10 Creative Ideas to Cover Your Fireplace Opening

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Woodburning fireplaces were once a staple part of any family home. 

More recently,  however, many of us have turned away from traditional fireplaces due to their adverse environmental and health effects, as well as our unwillingness to attend to the soot and muck they often produce. 

What this means is that many homeowners are now left with empty fireplace openings that can seem a little redundant in a contemporary property. 

If you have a fireplace opening in your living room and are unsure what to do with it, there are plenty of ways you can breathe new life into this period feature. 

In fact, we would argue that having the focal point of a fireplace in your home is very much a blessing in disguise.

To help you make the most of your living room’s features, we’ve put together a list of helpful fireplace opening ideas:

1. Invest in a biofire

First and foremost, it is worth considering whether you would like your redundant fireplace to be modernised in the form of a biofire. 

Whilst woodburning fires are slowly being phased out due to their production of harmful particulate matter (PM) and other types of pollution, homeowners are quickly starting to discover innovative new ways to combine the comforting atmosphere of a traditional hearth with modern fireplace designs that are eco-friendly and easy on the lungs. 

Biofires are the best example of such technology, and they can be installed very easily.

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In fact, a new biofire can be swiftly installed in your fireplace opening within a few minutes! 

Don’t worry if your chimney has been blocked up – they are not required for biofires to function. 

To find out more, browse Imaginfires and its dazzling product range.


2. Turn your fireplace opening into handy storage space

Almost all of us are short on storage space, no matter the size of our living room. 

Fortunately, an empty fireplace represents the perfect opportunity to insert a new set of shelving units that look great and serve a very useful purpose. 

If you’re looking to make the fireplace space look extra chic, try pasting some printed wallpaper to the back of the recessed alcove. 

Keen to build the shelves yourself but unsure where to start? Watching a few step-by-step videos would be extremely helpful.

Just remember, don't choose this route if you decide to go for a biofire. Shelving, books and real bioethanol do not mix well!

3. Create a booklover’s paradise

There’s something luxuriously romantic about curling up next to a roaring fireplace with a good book. Although the fireplace may no longer be roaring, there are still plenty of ways you can emulate this much-loved pastime. 

Firstly, you could try filling your fireplace alcove with shelves of your favourite books, placing a cosy chair within convenient reaching distance of your mini library. Online sites are simply brimming with gorgeous images of fireplace bookcases, so start browsing today to get your creative juices flowing. 

If you’re still keen to enjoy the warm glow of a fireplace in your new book nook, you could also install a lovely new biofire in your open alcove and line your favourite novels along the mantelpiece. 

fireplace opening ideas

The possibilities really are endless!

4. Create a display that reflects your personality

If you’re working towards filling an empty fireplace, ideas may not be coming thick and fast. Fortunately, you don’t have to make it complicated. If you’re a wine lover, for example, try filling the fireplace with a few of your favourite vintage classics. If you’re a fan of vases, why not create a tasteful display of gorgeous plants? Let your imagination run wild.

5. Embrace the natural world

If you’re a lover of all things green but are short on garden space, why not bring the natural world inside your home? From hanging plants to potted flowers, there are plenty of ways that you can create your own little mini garden within the confines of your living room. Of course, it is important to source plants that do not require too much sunlight, particularly if your room has small windows.

6. Adorn your space with some logs

Logs add a real sense of festive fun to any fireplace, even if it is no longer active. Indeed, logs work particularly well in properties that embrace a kind of rustic chic aesthetic. If you want to embrace a log fire without having to burn wood, you could even invest in an eco-friendly biofire and place special fire-resistant logs around the opening of the fireplace.

7. Display some gorgeous candles

Candles are perfect for making a room feel welcoming and romantic. We love the look of big, bold candles carefully arranged in a fireplace. One of the best things about this solution is that you can enjoy the warm glow of an open flame without having to subject yourself to the dangers of a woodburning fire. It is worth noting, however, that candles still present a fire hazard and should be closely attended at all times.

8. Create your own mini art gallery

If you’re looking for somewhere to display your favourite prints, art pieces or family photos, why not turn your fireplace into a quirky little gallery? You could include freestanding framed pictures on the hearth area, attached images to the back of the alcove, stick photographs around the outside of the fireplace, or all of the above. Get creative and embrace your role as a curator!

9. Display your old souvenirs

Are you a collector of souvenirs or interesting items? There’s no point in simply allowing them to fester in the attic. Try finding a tasteful way to arrange your items in your fireplace, perhaps placing them on boxes or special stands to ensure that they look super chic.

10. Paint your fireplace a bright colour

Regardless of how you fill your old fireplace, painting the surround can add a much-needed pop of colour to a dull room. It can also cover up any old marks or stains and give your fireplace a new lease of life. Why not give it a try today?

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