Are Bioethanol fires for looks or real warmth?
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Are Bioethanol fires for looks or real warmth?

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As awareness of Bioethanol fireplaces grows in the U.K, a very common question that many of our customers ask is whether bioethanol fires are warm or designed just to be nice to look at.

Do Bio Ethanol Fireplaces Produce Heat?

Well, although we do take care to only sell Bioethanol fires and biofuel that we would be proud to put in our own homes, they will all also add a lovely warming glow to your home. In fact, we can absolutely guarantee that! Any Imaginfires ethanol fireplace will provide heat to your room.


How much heat a bio ethanol fireplace produces and how much it will warm your home is, of course, a much harder question to answer.

We cannot give exact figures, only because the actual bioethanol fireplace heat output depends on a large amount of factors.

Factors affecting ethanol fireplace heat output include:

  • the size and layout of your home
  • the size of individual rooms
  • the insulation levels of the home and rooms
  • the size of bioethanol fireplaces you would like
  • the capacity of the steel burner box


There is such a great variety of configurations within even these five areas, that stating the temperature increase from a bioethanol fire is impossible. 

However, what we can say is that an Imagin Bioethanol fireplace will heat an average sized living room by around 3 to 5 degrees. This is approximately the same as having an electric heater on a medium setting.

You can of course adjust many of the Biofires so that the flame is larger or smaller.

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Do Biofuel Fires Heat a Room?

One of the important points to remember is that because our Biofires burn only specially produced bioethanol fuel, they are designed to be used in homes that do not have a flue or chimney.

This, in turn, means that any heat produced remains in the room, rather than escaping through the chimney. Using a bioethanol fireplace can be a very effective way of supplementing your household heating options.

So whilst they are not intended to replace existing heating sources such as central heating, they are ideal if you are looking for an occasional supplementary source of heat.

One that has the joy of a real flame without the need for complicated fitting or installation, and as they also use a more environmentally friendly fuel source, we know you will love our range of Bioethanol fireplaces.

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So...Are Ethanol Fireplaces Any Good?

Absolutely! In these very cold days, you will love the flexibility and heat bioethanol heater gives off, whilst in the warmer times of the year, they will still look like lovely pieces of furniture that enhance the appearance of any room.