According to feng shui experts, the kitchen is one of the three most important areas in the home, as it is perfect for promoting wealth, wellbeing and happiness. The front door and the master bedroom are the other important areas of the home, and each has its own specific set of rules and recommendations that you can follow to enhance household energies. To help you harness the power of feng shui principles in your kitchen, we’ve put together a few helpful kitchen makeover tips that will turn the space into one of peace and prosperity.

kitchen makeover tips

1. Think carefully about the location of your kitchen

If you have the option of designing your home from scratch or shifting rooms around, be mindful of where your kitchen is located in your home. The kitchen is a space where qi (Chi)  energies interact with fire, one of the five feng shui elements, and a kitchen placed in the centre of the home represents fire attacking its very heart. This can bring both misfortune and bad energies into the space. 

Ideally, your feng shui kitchen will be facing southwest or towards the rear of the home. Bagua energy maps could be immensely helpful in laying out your home.

2. Replace any broken kitchenware

As well as symbolising heat and fire, feng shui kitchen rules represent love and nourishment. After all, it is a space where household members are fed every day. To ensure that the kitchen remains a room connected to care and nurture, make sure that it is stocked up with well-maintained tools, crockery, and appliances. Broken or neglected items can attract negative qi and should be replaced or thrown out.

3. Embrace the power of paint

It’s a relatively simple change, but painting your kitchen in line with feng shui principles can drastically alter its overall feel. As the kitchen is closely connected to the fire element, you should try to avoid deep reds and oranges as these colours will cause an imbalance of energies in the room. Water-related elements should also be avoided as they will clash with the fire element. Earthy shades, however, are ideal feng shui kitchen colours and include gorgeous yellows and beiges. These colours are associated with healthy bodies and relationships and will make the kitchen feel very welcoming. 

On a practical note, remember that painting a kitchen sometimes requires a little more care and preparation than other rooms as they tend to contain a high number of small nooks and crannies. 

4. Avoid leaving empty space above cabinets

Leaving open space above kitchen cabinets can attract and trap negative qi, according to feng shui for kitchen principles. If your kitchen cabinets do not extend all the way to the ceiling, try filling the open spaces with plants or decorations to prevent the accumulation of dust and negative energies.

5. A classy look with glass-doored cabinets

As well as being incredibly chic, glass-doored cabinets can encourage the flow of positive qi throughout your kitchen. The visibility of your kitchen items will also act as a constant reminder to stay tidy and organised.

6. Hang a mirror above the kitchen stove

If you have enough space above your kitchen range, try hanging a mirror in this very special space. According to the principles of feng shui, doing so will reflect the positive warmth and light of the stove and potentially even boost the wealth of the household! 

Whilst, of course, we don’t recommend using this trick to make your millions, it is also a great space for household members to make the most of the so-called “command position”. According to the rules of feng shui, this position requires people to see what is going on behind them despite the fact that their back is facing towards the room. The ability to see the room from a variety of angles is a key principle of feng shui and mirrors are a great way to achieve this.

kitchen makeover with feng shui

7. Keep knives out of sight

Feng shui practitioners are wary of leaving knives on show in the kitchen as they can make people feel uncomfortable or even threatened. Whilst it is fashionable to store knives in butcher blocks or along wall-mounted holders, therefore, it is recommended that you keep them safely tucked away in a drawer. As well as improving the feng shui of your home, doing so will also make the space much safer. This is particularly true if there are young children or excitable pets within your home.

8. Embrace the earth element

To achieve optimum feng shui in your kitchen, you should try to incorporate the five key elements somewhere in the space. Most modern kitchens include fire, water, earth and metal through the stove, sink, wall colours, and appliances, respectively. However, wood is often neglected. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to include wood in your kitchen to boost positive energies and give your kitchen a rustic, homely feel.


9. Uplift the kitchen with a bioethanol fireplace

Whilst fire is already a central element of the kitchen, it is important to remember that the room will still need to be heated during chilly months. Fireplaces are a great heating solution for feng shui kitchens as they are symbolic of the value of family and togetherness. Indeed, gathering around the fireplace at the end of a long and difficult today is perfect for relaxing and nurturing family bonds.

Bioethanol fires are a great option for the modern homeowner as they burn cleanly and are environment-friendly. Biofires use biofuel that doesn’t emit any smoke, therefore doesn’t require a chimney to be installed either.

10. Hang food-inspired art on the walls

Enhance the feng shui of your kitchen with food-inspired art to promote a hearty appetite and remind household members of the importance of sharing food, warmth, and joy. Examples of food-inspired artworks include paintings of people working the land, images of friends and family dining together, or abstract pictures featuring colourful fruits and vegetables.

kitchen makeover tips with feng shui

11. Avoid placing the bathroom opposite the kitchen

It may seem an obvious point, but having a kitchen that sits opposite a room containing a toilet is a big mistake according to the rules of feng shui. Placing the two spaces in close proximity can hamper one’s appetite and generate negative qi energies. What’s more, the bathroom is full of the water element and can conflict with the fire element of the kitchen. If you cannot avoid having the kitchen opposite the bathroom, simply remember to close the doors at all times!

Let us know if these feng shui kitchen tips brightened up your living space!



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