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Amogst the many gpleasures of the show, we were also delighted to have one of our biofires feature on the stand of Mr Laurence Llewelyn Bowen (image), one of the UK’s best known style gurus!

Perhaps inevitably, we were asked a large amount of questions by all sorts of customers, from those that had been considering purchasing a bioethanol fire for a while, to those that had never seen or heard of the concept before.

Although we have a list of FAQ’s on our site, there were a number of other questions that we were either asked for the 1st time, or kept coming up. So, we’ve done a quick supplementary list of the most common show based questions:

Is it a real flame or just for effect?

A bioethanol fire does give off a realnatural flame. When you first pour biofuel into the container, and light it, it starts as a subtle blue flame, and within minutes it develops into a lovely orange flame much like its wood fired equivalent.

Does it give off heat or is it just for effect?

Yes. It will give off heat, and it will certainly warm your room. A bioethanol fire isn’t intended to replace your current heat source such as central heating, but is for supplementary heat use.

As an example of how a typical customer uses it, in the colder months, it is used to add a lovely atmoshperi, relaxing and warming glow to a chilly evening. When it is on, you will be able to turn down or off any other heat source in the room you are using it in.

What is the silver coloured box made of?

It’s made of stainless steel. This means it not only contains the biofuel safely, but it also cleans very easily. We find customer typically give it a quick 2 minute clean every few weeks and the stainless steel effect is maintained.

How do you close the fire?

All the Imagin bioethanol fires are supplied with a steel closing rod. You just use this to adjust the size of the opening on the steel burner, or close off the fire completely.

Can I move it to different rooms?

Absolutely. Most of our bioethanol fires are free standing, and remember there are no cables or connections to worry about. This means you can just move the fireplace from room to room.

They can also be used outside in the warmer months when you want to relax around a warming glow.  Just don’t ever move them when they are alight always extinguish first!

Will it make my walls black with soot or mess?

No! Our bioethanol fires burn fuel cleanly, so you will not get any marks or soot on your walls. It is recommend that when they are in use, you place them approx. 20 centimeters from any walls, and slide it back when you’ve finished using it incase the heat output damages the paint work or plaster.

You can view more many more questions and answers in our FAQ’s section or by viewing a bioethanol fires product and clicking on the FAQ tab.

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