Best Fireplace Accessories & Tools for Design and Functionality
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Best Fireplace Accessories & Tools for Design and Functionality

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Are you looking for the best fireplace accessories to enhance the look of your room? Perhaps you're on the market for funky replacements for older accessories? Or maybe you're looking for ways of boosting your fireplace's functionality?

Well, look no further because we're going to share a range of the most stylish traditional and modern fireplace accessories that will help warm up your living room both in style AND temperature. 

This article explores the best fireplace accessories for optimal functionality and striking style. 

Ready? Let’s go! 

What types of fireplace accessories are there?

Old black fireplace with chimney going into the wall

Fireplace tools aren’t just there to look nice — the best fireplace accessories are an essential companion set for your fireplace, whether you’re burning wood, coal, or something a little greener, like bioethanol

Your companion set serves two principal purposes:

  • Controlling the fire — keeping the flames going and cleaning out the fireplace
  • Decoration — decorative fireplace accessories lend an air of grandeur and sophistication to your living space

Fireplace tools for controlling the fire

The main reason you need a fireplace companion set is to help control the flame. Indeed, wood and coal fires can be challenging to light, but once they're lit, some of them can kick out too much heat. 

The ideal companion set can help dwindling fires grow into room-warming delights while calming over-zealous fires that burn through fuel like there's no tomorrow.

However, bioethanol fireplaces offer much greater control over the flame than traditional wood or coal fires. Biofires don’t get as intensely hot as wood and coal burners. Rather, they will add a cosy incremental heat to your living space.

Decorative fireplace accessories

No one said functional tools couldn't be attractive, and there's a real appetite for old and antique tools made by skilled craftspeople. 

And while you'd expect to see the typical fire irons and pokers featured in this article, there are some surprisingly charming modern fireplace accessories that are both functional and beautiful. 

More about those later. 

Which fireplace accessories do I need?

Fire burning in fireplace

A typical companion set includes:

  • Tongs — for moving burning wood or hot coals around the fire mound
  • Pokers — for stoking oxygen into a dwindling fire
  • Shovels — for transferring wood or coal into the burning chamber
  • Brushes — for the inevitable clean-up once the fireplace has cooled down
  • Bellows — for pumping air into the heart of the fire to get it going or keep it burning
  • Storage containers — for storing your fireplace tools

What makes a good fireplace tong?

Tongs should have long handles and a good gripping mechanism to help move burning logs or coal around the fire to control the burn.

Most tongs work with a spring action, which provides a better grip at the handling end. 

What should I look for in a fire poker?

Fireplace pokers help shift burning wood or coal around the burner, assisting the airflow, which improves combustion. 

And just like good tongs, your fireplace poker should have a long arm so that you can keep a safe distance while tending to the fire. 

What makes a useful fireplace shovel?

Wood and coal fires leave an ash layer in the bottom of the fireplace. But too much ash or soot suffocates the flames. 

A thin layer of ash in the bottom of the fire is helpful because it creates insulation against a cold floor (and a warm fireplace lights more quickly). However, you'll use a shovel to remove excess ash and soot for better air circulation.

Look for a shovel with a broad scoop to make moving logs and ash easier. 

Why do I need a fireplace brush?

Ash gets everywhere - even if you're careful. So you'll need a fireplace brush to sweep up fallen ash after shovelling.

But you also need a brush to clean the fireplace of dust and cobwebs. 

There are two types of brushes available: 

  • A rounded brush is perfect for getting into corners, decorative cracks, and holes in the fireplace. 
  • A broad-headed brush is better for cleaning up larger areas of ash around the fireplace floor. 

Do I need bellows for my fireplace?

Person using fireplace bellows

It depends on the type of fireplace and the fuel it burns. For wood or coal, bellows are a valuable addition to your fireplace arsenal. 

A fireplace bellows allows you to pump oxygen into the heart of a smouldering fire, helping build up the potential heat mass. 

Alternatively, you might use a blow poke: a long, hollow tube that you blow into to inject a blast of concentrated air into the centre of the fire. Just don’t breathe in! 

One of the principal advantages of a blow poke over a bellows is that you can also use it as a poker, so it’s a 2-in-1 tool that hangs on your fireplace hanger. 

Styling your fireplace with bioethanol accessories

Biofires operate differently from traditional fireplaces. You control the size of the flame via an adjustable fuel box, crafted from beautiful stainless steel, allowing impressive command over the heat your fireplace emits.

However, bioethanol is a liquid fuel, so while the fuel box offers a gorgeous modern aesthetic for your room, there are no burning logs or embers. 

While many people love the modern look of the stainless steel fuel box, others prefer to add convincing-looking ceramic logs, bringing a more traditional feel to your fireplace. 

Alternatively, a ceramic pebble set introduces a restful zen-like aesthetic. Ceramic pebbles and logs should never be placed over the opening of your fuel box. They should be positioned around the opening instead.

Fireplace mantel accessories

One of the best fireplace accessories is the stove top fan, which sits on top of the fireplace or on the mantelpiece above your fire. 

Powered by a thermoelectric motor, the fan’s spinning blades direct heat away from the ceiling and into the room, warming up the room more quickly. 

The near-silent fan requires no batteries or external power — it uses the heat differential between the base of the fan and the heat-sync blades to create an electrical current.

And, for our money, we think it’s one of the best investments you can make to maximise the efficiency of your fireplace, whether you’re using wood, coal, or bioethanol. 

How do I store my fireplace tools?

Metallic fireplace stand

Photo courtesy of

As you can gather, it doesn't take long to amass quite the gambit of tools, and they can look cluttered unless you have a practical storage solution. 

Of course, you can store your tools in your firewood basket or prop them up next to the fireplace, but there are better ways to keep your instruments organised. 

Hanging storage is most popular, using rack hangers or hooks, which can be screwed into the fireplace wall. However, if you're looking for a classic look, go for a self-supporting stand - some examples to follow.  

How long should fireplace tools be?

When dealing with fire, you should always consider safety first above aesthetics. So, a fireplace tool should be a minimum of 26in or 66cm long to ensure you keep a safe distance from the flames while you tend to the fire. 

If you're looking for a companion set for an outdoor fire, each instrument should be at least 44in or 116 cm long, as the fire will be more ferocious and dangerous. 

Is iron or steel better for my fireplace tools?

The following materials are suitable for fireplace tools:

  • Wrought iron
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Hammered steel

These materials offer excellent heat resistance and longevity. 

Iron tools are more affordable and budget-friendly, while steel has a longer expected lifespan than iron. 

Nonetheless, either material will offer years of reliable use. 

How to maintain your fireplace accessories

Two people sitting in front of a fireplace with glasses of wine

If you're sticking your tools in the fire or using them to sweep up once the fire has died down, it's essential to keep them clean.

Of course, some people like the tainted look of a well-used companion set, but if you're more picky about your living room furnishings, you should understand how to clean them. 

First and foremost, read the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining each tool. But you might have bought an antique set, and these don’t come with manufacturer’s notes. 

In general, a dry, clean cloth is sufficient to wipe away soot or ash. But if you’re tackling caked-on soot, you’ll need a steel wool sponge (like a Brillo pad) or a steel-toothed brush.

Remember, iron and steel will rust if exposed to water, so never fully immerse or soak your tools. A little water is fine -  it's OK to use a moist cloth if needed; just avoid running your instruments through the dishwasher!

Where can I buy fireplace accessories?

It’s possible to buy companion sets or individual fireplace tools widely online, but you might want to see the tools in the flesh before buying. 

You'll find some of the most interesting and attractive companion sets in antique shops or fireplace stores. It's always worth shopping around, especially if you're looking for something a little bit special. 

Companion set styling ideas

Finally, let’s look at some gorgeous companion sets, from uber-modern styles to classic antiques. 

Classic cast iron

Classic cast iron

This is a classic poker set in cast iron. The twist aesthetic extends from the handlebar moustache hook into the handle of each poker. A wonderful, basic companion set for rustic-styled homes or wood cabins. 

Modern Scandinavian

Modern Scandinavian fireplace set

Photo courtesy of

This stylish modern set includes beautifully turned oak handles, sleek angularity, and a handy tray for catching ash. Including a brush, tongs, poker, and a shovel, this gorgeous set is perfect for modern interiors.

Striking angularity

Stylised fireplace accessories set

Photo courtesy of

This stunning stylised companion set is the perfect aesthetic for modern homes or sleekly renovated Victorian houses. The harsh right angles are softened when accompanied by the striking fire guard, adding the softness of curves to this uber-modern fireplace tool set.  

How about going companion set free?

If this all feels like a lot of kit to add to your fireplace, consider alternative fuels. For example, bioethanol burns cleanly and requires no clean-up, negating the need for a companion set altogether. 

From space-age freestanding and wall-mounted designs to classic wood-burner style bioethanol stoves or bioethanol fire baskets, there’s a bioethanol fireplace for every home. 

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And bioethanol fuel requires no external flue or chimney because it burns cleanly, protecting the air inside and out.

Thanks for reading.