Do you find it difficult to switch off in today’s hyperconnected world?

Feel overwhelmed by excess information, a heavy workload or an overcrowded home?

It may be time to embrace the ancient art of minimalism and pare back your living room to help settle a chaotic mind. 

Many of us suffer from over-stuffed and hectic homes without even realising it, meaning we face unnecessary stress that can easily be avoided.

Indeed, as this fascinating article explores, the link between owning few possessions and a rich, fulfilling life has long been established, with famous philosophers such as Confucius prescribing a simple lifestyle since the 6th century BC. 

In fact, having a clear-out of your superfluous possessions can be hugely beneficial for your mental health, facilitating a feeling of catharsis and liberation that will benefit all areas of your life.

After all, if you are brave enough to let go of old possessions and strip back your material wealth, who knows what else you are capable of?

So, how can a minimalist living room be achieved?

We’ve set out a few hints and tips to help you find a simple style that suits you.

Minimalism does not have to be boring. Remember it is a philosophy and state of mind, as well as a popular interior design trend, so it is a wonderfully flexible style to get on board with when overhauling your living room.

1. Opt for smooth, clean lighting

While lighting may seem like a relatively minor ingredient when it comes to redesigning your living room, it can have a huge impact on the overall feel of a space.

To ensure your lighting decisions fit in with a minimalist aesthetic, make sure to opt for soft and understated lights such as spotlights, strip lights, or simple floor lamps.

Indeed, a good rule of thumb when deciding about minimalist lighting is to choose something that will accentuate other areas of a room, rather than being the main point of focus.

If you need a little help with getting to grips with minimalist lighting, this article is a great resource that will help you get to know your recessed spotlight from your indirect light.

2. Seek out rustic wooden furniture

Minimalist living room furniture can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles, and it can prove difficult to hit the right note when it comes to balancing understatement with homeliness.

However, one failsafe style that will look great in virtually any home is that of wooden rustic furniture.

Vintage wooden items are a fantastic way to bring the natural world indoors, as they emanate pastoral vibes while helping to make any room feel tranquil and lived-in.

Best of all, rustic wooden items do not involve elaborate patterns or bright colours, making them easy to incorporate into any minimalist living room.

Check out this array of chic wooden furniture if you’d like a little more inspiration.

3. Don’t forget to keep things cosy

A common misconception is that minimalist living rooms are somehow less cosy than cluttered ones. This simply isn’t the case.

Admittedly, the archetypal minimalist room can end up feeling a little cold and clinical if it centres purely around functionality and sticks unreservedly to an ultra-muted colour palette.

However, minimalism nowadays does not have to stick so rigidly to these rules.

Embracing means investing in an array of furniture that is understated, slim, and lightweight, and provides a flexible foundation on which to layer brighter, more personalised touches. 

Cosy minimalism works to calm the mind as it avoids clutter while keeping things homely and family-centric.

A clever way to achieve a look of cosy minimalism is to base your furniture and décor around the Scandinavian notion of Hygge, a lifestyle trend which centres around spending quality time with friends and family, staying warm and safe when it is cold outside, and living in a home that feels thoroughly safe and secure.


4. Seek out a bio ethanol fireplace

Beyond investing in warm minimalist décor and reading up on Hygge, a terrific way to inject cosy minimalism into your room is to purchase a fireplace that the whole family can gather around on a cold and stormy night. 

Of course, as many readers will be well aware, most wood burning fireplaces have been shown to contain harmful particulates that can harm both human health and the environment.

In this way, those looking for a safe and ethical alternative should seek out an innovative bio ethanol fireplace that runs on eco-friendly biofuel. Imaginfires offers a range of luxuriously cosy and effortlessly stylish fireplaces that will provide the centrepiece of any cosy minimalist room.

5. Find a sofa that exudes comfort

Comfort should be the number one priority when designing a living room.

Its entire purpose is to facilitate relaxation and social bonding, after all!

Fortunately, those aiming for a minimalist aesthetic are in luck when it comes to picking out a snuggly sofa that you will never want to leave.

Simple sofas are often the most comfortable kind, and modern designs often prioritise size and softness above all else.

For a few ideas about how to incorporate a comfy modern sofa into your living room, this article is full to the brim with stunning examples

6. Avoid placing furniture in the middle of the room

Picking out minimalist living room furniture for an apartment or small property can be much more difficult than with a larger house, as small rooms can often end up looking too bare or soulless if one focuses too hard on avoiding clutter.

A smart way to avoid this trap is to arrange furniture around the walls of the room, avoiding any floating islands. Incorporating a bare space in the middle of a room can help one feel calm and rested and fits in with a minimalist aesthetic. 

7. Invest in some minimalist wall art

As well as being a centuries-old philosophy and way of life, minimalism first appeared as an established art movement in the middle of the twentieth century.

Even today, artists continue to be inspired by predecessors such as Marcel Duchamp, Ad Reinhardt and Frank Stella, and our love of understated beauty has not abated.

In this way, displaying a few tasteful pieces of minimalist art can be a wonderful way to complete your minimalist look.

While we’re not expecting you to rush out to the next auction to pick up a famous artwork, it may be a good idea to look into framing a few prints or supporting local independent artists by buying their work.

Who knows – they may make it big one day!

8. Avoid the temptation to keep adding new items

Whilst you may continually find yourself coming up with new minimalist furniture ideas to improve your living room, it can be all too easy to overdo it.

Embracing minimalism means investing in sturdy and versatile ‘forever’ pieces that you will be able to treasure.

If you do find yourself looking for a new piece of furniture, make sure that it replaces something that you will be able to recycle or donate.

As mentioned earlier, letting go of old items can be a tricky and sometimes heartrending process.

Once you get used to it, however, you will find yourself feeling calmer, liberated and much happier!

9. Purchase some indoor plants

While rustic wooden furniture can be a great way to get closer to nature, nothing screams ‘minimal pastoral chic’ quite like a big house plant.

While incorporating greenery into a space can be a challenge if you’re attempting to keep things pared back and simple, the right plant can bring a real sense of serenity to a room.

If you’d like a little inspiration about how to find the right plant for your home, this article includes some useful tips

10. Get clever with storage space

While decluttering is foundational to getting on board with minimalism, it is perfectly reasonable to want to retain items such as books, games, gadgets or anything else that you need to make your property feel like a home.

In this way, anyone working towards a minimalist aesthetic should keep an eye out for proper storage spaces that safely hide away any items that may be deemed clutter.

There are plenty of chests, bookcases and storage units on the market to keep all of your prized possession safe. 

For those with a penchant for DIY, making your own dresser or chest of drawers is surprisingly simple, as this video demonstrates.

Building your own furniture is a fantastic way to ensure your storage units are the right size, shape and style, as well as providing you with a piece of furniture that you can be proud of and which will thoroughly impress friends and family!


11. Embrace artificial intelligence (AI) technologies

As digital technologies continue to provide solutions to life's everyday problems, AI products such as Amazon's Alexa and Google are beginning to prove their worth in minimalist living rooms.

Indeed, these personal assistants can help reduce the need for items such as remotes or wires as users can use their voice alone to conduct actions such as controlling mood lighting or switching the song on a playlist.

In this way, AI devices can help aid with all-important decluttering, as well as offering something to impress your friends and family with.

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