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  1. Moritz Black Bioethanol Fireplace-Imaginfires
    Moritz Black Bioethanol Fireplace-Imaginfires

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    MoritzBioethanol Fireplace

    All the looks of a woodburner but without the hassle.

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The perfect wood stove alternative. Style of a wood burner, with the simplicity of a bioethanol fireplace!

We are delighted to announce our new bioethanol stoves. They are designed to have the aesthetic appeal of a wood stove, but the simplicity of a bioethanol fireplace. Our ethanol stoves are a superb wood fireplace alternative and can even be used outside. You won’t need to endure the hassle of getting and storing lots of wood and they are smoke free, so there’s no expensive maintenance of a chimney or installing a flue. Models with a glass door will always stay clear too, as there’s no smoke or soot, so you’ll be enjoying the sight of a lovely real flame in minutes. Just pour bioethanol fuel into the steel box.

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