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  1. Broadway Bio Ethanol Suite-Imagnfires
    Broadway Bio Ethanol Suite-Imagnfires

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    Broadway SuiteBioethanol Fireplace

    Our Broadway will completely transform a blank wall in around one hour.

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Enjoy the warmth of natural burning flames with one of our sleek wall mounted bioethanol fires.

When the dark nights draw in, there’s nothing better than curling up in front of a real flame fireplace! There is no smoke from our bioethanol fires, so you dont need a chimney or flue, and they are all designed to be wall-mounted easily and with no fuss!

Contemporary Style

Our wall mounted bioethanol fires are an eco-friendly, hassle free alternative to expensive installation of other fireplace options, or the less aesthetically pleasing effects of electric or gas fireplaces.

These wall mounted biofires add a wonderful stylish centre-piece to any room or even outside in the garden. They are very easy to use, by simply pouring bioethanol fuel into the steel fuel boxes and lighting with a long match or fire lighter. Then just sit back, relax and enjoy the real heat from the wonderful gentle flames..

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